Montevallo community works together to improve stadium

Published 2:09 pm Monday, August 18, 2014

Montevallo High School students add a fresh coat to a building at Theron-Fischer stadium. (Contributed)

Montevallo High School students add a fresh coat to a building at Theron-Fischer stadium. (Contributed)


MONTEVALLO – On Aug. 9, more than 60 student-athletes, coaches, parents and community patrons of Montevallo gathered at Theron-Fischer Stadium to clean, paint and otherwise improve the grounds and facilities in preparation of the upcoming football and soccer seasons.

Some of the improvements made at the stadium include thorough pressure-cleaning of home and visitor bleachers, landscaping of surrounding grounds, updates to restrooms and fresh paint on home-side bleacher areas, ticket booth, visitor field house and restrooms, scoreboard posts, goal posts and flag poles.

Players, coaches, parents and community supporters have helped support and prepare for other stadium improvements including new fencing and a freshly paved coating and striping of the track and hard surfaces surrounding the stadium.

Head Coach Andrew Zow and Athletics Director Trey Simpson coordinated the event. Coty Jones, representing the Montevallo Athletic Club, led in securing support and services for stadium improvements, as well as helping with cleaning and renovations.

“Montevallo Athletics has a brighter future when individuals come together for one purpose. Saturday there were coaches, players, former players and parents showing pride in our stadium. By coming out with one goal in mind, we were able to get a lot accomplished. We are headed in the right direction, and we will make a difference in our athletic programs,” Zow said.

Wesley Hester, principal at Montevallo High School applauded the effort, and emphasized the strong community in Montevallo.

“This effort is a testament to the cooperation and connection that we have in Montevallo. There were people here today representing the City of Montevallo, the University of Montevallo, and the elementary, middle and high schools in Montevallo,” Hester said. “Not too often do you see this kind of teamwork across the board in a community. However, this is nothing new in our community, and it is model of how community connection should be.”