Bulldog Day 2014 touted as a ‘tremendous success’

Published 3:12 pm Monday, August 25, 2014

A performance from the MHS marching band, the Troubadours, capped off the day's events at Theron Fisher Stadium. (Contributed)

A performance from the MHS marching band, the Troubadours, capped off the day’s events at Theron Fisher Stadium. (Contributed)


MONTEVALLO—Montevallo Athletic Club hosted their annual Bulldog Day on Saturday, Aug. 16.

Bulldog Day kicked off the beginning of another fall sports season in Montevallo and included a variety of sports teams representing all seasons.

Activities ranged throughout the town, with MHS alumni baseball and softball games at Orr Park and a three-on-three basketball tournament Montevallo High School’s Susie Dement Gymnasium.

At Theron Fisher Stadium, a community yard sale started the day and was followed by a series of sporting events, recognitions and performances. Kids were included as well, with rides, games, concessions and snacks available throughout the day.

A community soccer game, introductions of Montevallo sports teams, Montevallo Youth Football team scrimmages, performances by MHS and MMS cheerleaders all occurred throughout the action-packed day. A show put on by the Montevallo High School Marching Band, the Troubadours, capped off the event.

“Montevallo Athletics and the community stepped up to the plate once again this summer with our annual Bulldog Day,” Andrew Zow, MHS head football coach, said. “We were blessed with a beautiful day and our future Bulldogs will have a brighter future because of the support from our community.”

The day was a perfect opportunity for the school to reveal recent improvements to facilities, Trey Simpson, head baseball coach and athletics director, said.

“Bulldog Day allowed us to reveal our new logo, raise funds to support our programs and recognize our student athletes from all levels,” Simpson said. “We are excited to show off the improvements to our football stadium, our schools and to both the high school baseball and softball fields.”

“Bulldog Day 2014 was a tremendous success, not because of the money that was raised, but because it helped bring the Montevallo community closer together,” Montevallo High School Principal Wesley Hester said. “This is yet another indication of how our community comes together for the benefit of our children and the programs that support their growth and success.”