$20 on the 20th campaign begins Saturday

Published 5:00 pm Monday, September 15, 2014

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

COLUMBIANA ­–What’s the best way to help keep Shelby County’s economy going strong? Keeping the money circulating within the county is a good start.

The Shelby County Reporter is partnering with local businesses this Saturday, Sept. 20 for the spend $20 on the 20th campaign.

This campaign has come with major success in the past by boosting the local economy and giving citizens a chance to get some great deals from local merchants.

Kirk Mancer, Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce director, discussed the importance of keeping retail and sales tax locally within the municipality.

“Certainly keeping all of your retail and sales tax locally helps in a lot of different ways,” said Mancer. “Funding for education, infrastructure and recreation aspects such as parks are helped out greatly. It makes individuals and businesses more attracted to moving to the Shelby County area in the future as well.”

One page of the paper will be dedicated to the campaign and various businesses will be participating in the campaign this year.

Some of those include Brown Lumber, E & E Hardware, Lucky Dog Grooming, Washed by the Water Boutique, Chelsea Lane and many more.

Steve Gilbert, Montevallo Chamber of Commerce director, explained why it’s important for people to come out and support the campaign.

“Anytime you have someone shop locally the community benefits,” said Gilbert. “It benefits tax revenue and anytime we get a stimulus like that it helps provide jobs as well. Money spent locally stays in the area for a long time and there’s more sales tax revenue generated.”

For a full list of discounts and local merchants participating in the campaign see page 11A of the paper.