Shelby County has lowest unemployment rate in state

Published 4:36 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shelby County has the lowest unemployment rate at 5.1 percent (File photo.)

Shelby County has the lowest unemployment rate at 5.1 percent (File photo.)

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

COLUMBIANA – Governor Robert Bentley on Sept. 19 announced that Alabama’s preliminary, seasonally adjusted August unemployment rate is 6.9 percent, down from July’s rate of 7 percent. August’s rate represents 147,346 unemployed people, compared to 148,652 in July.

“September’s unemployment rate drop is good news for Alabama,” Bentley wrote in a release. “We’ve seen more jobs come online, and those jobs are being filled by people who want to work. The Alabama workforce is strong, and our commitment to job creation is just as strong. Our job recruitment efforts will continue until every Alabamian who wants a job has the opportunity to find one.”

For Shelby County, the 5.1 percent unemployment rate ranks first in the state followed by Blount County at 5.7 percent.

Kirk Mancer, Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce president, attributed the low numbers to the hard working mentality and quality work done by the citizens of Shelby County.

“The low unemployment numbers are a testament to the quality workforce we have in Shelby county,” said Mancer. “There are a lot of people who want to work and do good quality work here. Quality of life is also reflected by good quality of work.”

With Shelby County being one of the largest counties in the state, it is a big accomplishment for the county and reflects well on individuals who work and live in the county.

“I think it’s a positive reflection on all of the communities and municipalities in the county,” Mancer added. “This will continue to help grow and create jobs and attract businesses, which means more jobs are needed and created.”