Paws and Gabby need homes

Published 5:09 pm Monday, October 6, 2014

Paws is a short little lab mix with stumpy legs, a round belly, grey hairs on her muzzle and a heart the size of a horse. She has a silly waddle when she trots beside you, which makes it even more fun and funny to go for a walk together. Her happy spirit will brighten your day and will make you want to keep her close, and really that’s what this senior girl wants most.



Gabby is a pretty orange and white cat with a calm and quiet nature despite what her name may imply. This 2-year-old would love a happy home, a sunny window, a favorite toy, a quiet perch, and a warm lap. With love and patience she will probably open up and tell you all those secrets she is holding inside. This cat will certainly make you smile and warm your heart.



For more information about Paws and Gabby, email or call 669-3916. To see the large variety of adoptable cats and dogs at Shelby Humane Society, visit our adoption floor Tuesday through Saturday from noon-5:30 p.m. Be sure to follow SHS on Facebook and at . Choose Shelby Humane Society and give life a chance.