Shelby and Calera Chambers form collaborative partnership

Published 2:51 pm Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Calera Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce have formed a collaborative partnership.

The Calera Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce have formed a collaborative partnership.

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

A collaborative partnership was announced at the Calera Chamber’s monthly meeting at Timberline Golf Club that includes both the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Calera Chamber coming together for the future.

The two organizations will work more closely together on a wide array of programs for their respective memberships and internally with staffing support provided by the Greater Shelby Chamber.

“We’re pleased to be able to collaborate with the Calera Chamber’s volunteer leadership, members and their staff by offering assistance through our Greater Shelby Chamber staff on ‘back office’ type support, as well as providing additional opportunities for both organizations.” Greater Shelby Chamber President & CEO Kirk Mancer said.

“This really does follow suit with ShelbyOne, our five-year Strategic Plan, which calls for increased collaboration to ensure quality employment, retain existing businesses, and ultimately continue moving all of Shelby County forward.”

Bill Keller, who works with Regions Bank and a chairman on the Greater Shelby Chamber, was also excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the Calera Chamber.

“Our Greater Shelby Chamber Board of Directors unanimously approved this opportunity and believes that working together on a consistent basis will be mutually beneficial for both organizations,” said Keller.

The Calera Chamber currently has a little more than 150 members while the Greater Shelby County Chamber consists of close to 1,100 members. They will now work together to ensure a strong Shelby County economy.

Branch Manager with Mutual Savings Credit Union and 2014 Calera Chamber Chair Holly Stanley believes the partnership will be very beneficial to the Calera Chamber members.

“On behalf of the Calera Chamber’s Board of Directors, we believe this expanded partnership with the Greater Shelby Chamber will be extremely beneficial to our Calera Chamber members,” said Holly.

“The increased opportunities our members will receive access to business information, workshops, increased visibility county-wide and coupled with the much-needed support our new executive director will receive with our regular programs and events will prove valuable and worthwhile for all businesses in Calera.”