Introducing your next best ‘fur-riend’

Published 3:52 pm Monday, October 20, 2014

Dena is a 1-year-old shepherd mix with a sleek black coat and a heart the size of the moon. She is very excited when she first meets you (normal puppy stuff), but within seconds she settles in, snuggles up and oozes love and gratitude for the attention. She is as smart as she is beautiful and she has waited long enough for you to come along—don’t make her wait one day more.



Simba is an 8-month-old orange tabby, and like his name implies he thinks he is king of the pride here. He is handsome, charming, playful and perhaps a bit too smart for his own good. He plays like a puppy at times—he seems to sense when playtime is nearly over and will grab your hand to keep your attention. This may be a bit much for small children but just right for anyone looking to be constantly amused. He will also learn how not to play too rough in the right home—hopefully that home is with you.



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