An Unashamed Christian

Published 10:32 am Tuesday, November 25, 2014

By ALLEN FARLEY / Guest Columnist
The Alabama House Republican Caucus met for lunch a couple of days after the Nov. 4, 2014 general election. Because we had several new members, there was a portion of the meeting set-aside for introductions.
As the new House District 62 state representative from Tuscaloosa County stood to his feet, everyone smiled with anticipation. The former Crimson Tide and Green Bay Packer stand-out had everyone’s attention. Well, my new friend looked around the room and stated very clearly: I’m Rich Wingo and “I am an unashamed Christian.” You could have heard that old pin drop and roll across the floor.
I believe our state and our nation are about to witness a spiritual awakening. But first, I think God is placing his people in various positions to absolutely identify who his people really are. (God introduced Rich Wingo to the House Republican caucus).
A few days after our caucus lunch, I met a friend for coffee and prayer. My friend was seeking my advice and my prayers for some life decisions he’s about to make. However, before he explained the weight on his heart, my friend felt he needed to share a conversation he had recently with a mutual friend.
My friend was concerned that I wasn’t aware that my Christian blogs and articles were apparently not being received well by some of my legislative colleagues. He stated that our mutual friend said: “If Allen wants to be successful in Montgomery, he needs to quit talking so much about his faith.”
I feel confident God is preparing a spiritual goal-line-stand at the Alabama State House. I believe Christians have backed up and sat down long enough. It’s time unashamed Christians stand together on the word of God and slap the old devil right in the mouth. (In Jesus’ name)!
Psalms 31:1 states: In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness.
God Bless America!!!
Allen Farley represents Jefferson and Shelby County in House District 15.  Allen’s email is