Gifted shop features handmade items from local artists

Published 4:07 pm Monday, December 8, 2014

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist


Gifted owner Paige Burnett sits by the fireplace with her dog, Gunter.

Gifted owner Paige Burnett sits by the fireplace with her dog, Gunter.

“We have unique gifts this year. We’re fortunate to have relationships with many local artists,” said Paige Burnett, owner of Pelham’s Gifted.

At Gifted’s Christmas Open House Celebration on Tuesday, Dec. 2, Burnett had many local artists in her shop for the event.

“Look at these adorable flower pens,” Burnett said, handing one to a customer. “There’s a little girl who makes these with patterned duct tape. Her dad was sick and he couldn’t have flowers in his hospital room so she decided to make flowers that her daddy could have. This little girl was determined to get her daddy some flowers. Check out her Facebook Page. It’s called Flowers for My Daddy. Her name is Kelsie, and she is awesome.”

Gifted also has some excellent university gift ideas, Burnett said.

“Shannon Hopkins and Josh Fleagle are a team of artists creating University of Alabama scenes,” she said. “Now that’s an amazing story. Josh does the drawing to scale. He has an incredible gift—and Shannon uses watercolors to bring his sketches to life.”

Hopkins’ and Fleagle’s art can be seen on and purchased at Gifted.

A former Pelham High School student and current Ross Bridge employee, Fleagle has also created the 2014 Holiday Card for Ross Bridge in partnership with Hopkins.

“We’ve also got ‘The Spirit Tree.’ It’s a children’s book about the trees at Toomer’s Corners,” said Burnett.

One look at the artwork in this beautiful book reveals this gift is a treasure for children of all ages. Written and illustrated by Erin Lough and Mave Lough Duke, twin sisters from Florence who attended Auburn, this book commemorates the rolling of the trees tradition at Auburn University as only the Auburn faithful could.

Helping a customer measure a decorative Christmas sign, Burnett assured her, “This artist is local too; he’ll make a sign for you in any size or color.

“That’s the beauty of selling local art,” Burnett said. “Artists are thrilled to create for our customers.”

With on-site monogramming this year, Gifted shoppers will delight in the convenience and unique gifts available in Pelham.