Land transactions for the week of Dec. 17, 2014

Published 4:11 pm Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Oct. 15-17


Oct. 15

-Raffael Barahona to Andres and Antoia Benitez for $18,000 for Lot 5,17 of Birmingham Junction.

-James H. and Jacquelyn Coker to James H. Coker and Jacquelyn Coker Family Trust for $5,000 for Lot 40 of Silver Creek Sector I.

-Leila M. Hope to Chanda Tucker for $84,500 for Lot 3-4 of Dogwood Point.

-Janice L. Oliver to Diana Slawter for $60,000 for property.

-Linda P. Jones to Jayson A. and Amber Friedman for $150,000 for Lot 73 of Old Ivy Phase II.

-Kim Partridge to Manuel Leyva for $4,500 for Lot 1-4 of J.H. Dunstains Map Town of Calera.

-Frederick Eugene and Mary Kathern Fulghum to William Blackmon for $20,000 for Lot 3 of Davis Family Subdivision.

-Paul and Kelly Mullin to Kelley B. and William B. Stewart for $235,000 for property.

-Alavest LLC to Urs and Shirl Mederlet for $280,000 for Lot 419 of Wild Timber Phase IV.

-Christopher Gibbs to Katie Taylor for $350,000 for property.

-Thomas A. and Savannah Lynn Santiago Kilpatrick to Katie R. Hoggle for $105,000 for Lot 67 of Canyon Park Townhomes.

-Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Sonya Hester for $154,000 for Lot 47 of Forest Lakes Sector I.

-Karl Jerome and Holley Sheppard Lagrone to Karl Jerome and Holley Sheppard for $500,500 for Lot 25 of Greystone VI Sector.

-Jerry and Pat Clements to Dorinda Cale for $85,000 for Lot 25 of Shires Phase III Sector I.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Alejandro to Maritza Perez for $38,000 for Lot 108 of Siluria Mills Property.



Oct. 16

-Mary L. Depriest, Charlotte Marshall, Alonzo, Marva Shields Montgomery, Cecil Shields, Winston Leroy Shields, Deandrea Shields Sowell, Billy Joe Shields, Latasha Shields Chapman, Gloria Shields, James Kirlkand, Robert Earl Shields, Tara Thomas, Carolyn Shields, and Olivia Washington to Winston Leroy Shields for $6,360 for Lot 7 of Nickerson Addition to Alabaster.

-Bank of America to C. Todd Holder for $230,000 for Lot 705 of Highland Lakes VII Sector.

-Ken and Joan Latham Griffin to Jodi Nowak for $155,000 for Lot 86 of Greystone Farms Guilford Place Phase II.

-Paul and Gina Hudson Stockburger to Larry D. and Darlene S. Kerr for $394,900 for Lot 2B of Acton.

-Kathy Cross and Joye Mardis to Clifford E. Capps for $170,900 for Lot 8 of Stratford Place Phase II.

-Macky Dupree to Garry Wayne and Nora Fay Gaskin for property.

-D.R. Horton Inc Birmingham to Derrick T. and Demetrish D. Morrissette for $275,573 for Lot 101 of Laceys Grove Phase II.

-Josh B. and Lindsey B. Gardner to Gary and Leslie Lee for $275,000 for Lot 1665 of Strathaven at Ballantrae Phase III.

-D.R. Horton Inc Birmingham to Dianna R. Hyre for $292,326 for Lot 106 of Dunnavant Square.

-D.R. Horton Inc Birmingham to James and Stephanie Denise Waller for $239,900 for Lot 15 of Chelsea Station.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Miles Roy and Shirley Weston for $60,750 for property.

-D.R. Horton Inc Birmingham to Stephen Wolff for $180,350 for Lot 147 of Camden Cove West Sector III Phase III.

-D.R. Horton Inc Birmingham to Connie Sue Blackmon for $265,500 for Lot 216 of Creekside Phase II.

-Leslie W. Ansell to Gail Ann for $68,600 for Lot 9-11 for Russel R. Hetz Property.

-J. Stephen and Alana R. Salter to Shelby Couty for $4,000 for property.

– Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Christopher N. and April L. Manglaris for $130,000 for property.


Oct. 17

-Osgiliath LLC to Libertae Vitae LLC for $1,772,100 for property.

-Thornie M. McDonald to Harold O. McDonald and Cheri L. Watkins for $122,000 for Lot 1 of Stoneridge.

-Benjamin G. and Angela M. Goss to Dennis L. and Peggy L. Peck for $178,000 for Lot 29 of Cottages at Chesser Phase I.

-Jessica L. and Charles Todd Self to Joshua Bunger for $135,500 for Lot 30 of Stonecreek Phase III.

-Ernest M. and Ruby John Clinkscales to Gary Clinkscales for $22,790 for property.

-Hollie Reeves and Brian Patrick Calhoun to William P. and Marilyn T. Riley for $197,500 for Lot 8 of Fairways at Riverchase.

-Rachel G. and James R. Clark to Joshua and Abigail Posey for $227,000 for Lot 30 of Sunset Lake Phase V.

-JP Morgan Chase Bank and Chase Home Finance LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $212,747 for Lot 242 of Chandalar South VI Sector.

-Robert Benton to Ben R. Stevens for $700,000 for property.

– Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Robert J. and Robin D. Wilkins for $172,000 for Lot 35 of Southpointe I Sector.

-AFK Land LLC to Lawrence Hall Possien for $210,000 for property.

-Curtis Lee and Carrie Beth Cashion to Andrew C. and Elisabeth Ashley Boykin Crisp for $196,500 for Lot 12 of Panther Ridge.

-Rickey and Stephanie Kinnaird to Curtis L. and Carrie B. Cashion for $238,000 for Lot 612 of Windstone VI.

-E.R. and Bobbie H. Bradberry to E.R. and Bobbie H. Bradberry for $78,900 for property.