Hoops for Gabe raises more than $9,500

Published 11:31 am Thursday, December 18, 2014

By Joe Antonio/For the Reporter 

Gabe Griffin seems like just another regular kid. He is one of four children born to Scott and Traci Griffin of Highland Lakes. Gabe, however, is affected by Duchene. Duchene is a type of muscular dystrophy that involves muscle weakness, which quickly gets worse. In fact, by age 10 most people who are affected by Duchene are confined to a wheel chair and patients rarely live past the ages of 17-20. Despite the current grim reality of his son’s condition, Scott Griffin remains an eternal optimist.

Gabe was first diagnosed when he was 3 years old after the couple’s occupational therapist baby sitter recommended that Gabe be tested for Duchene after she recognized first- hand some of the signs of the disease. Since then, Gabe has been limited physically as he struggles to run and is unable to ride a bicycle like his siblings and friends. This at times, can be very difficult for Gabe and his family to deal with emotionally.

“As dad, it is my job to fix things. It’s been real hard for me because I can’t protect him from a genetic disease,” Scott said.

Since his diagnosis, Scott and Traci have started a movement to bring about better awareness for the disease that has caught the attention of thousands. Michael Staley, the former Chief of Staff to U.S Representative Spencer Bachus, actively took part in the “Ride for Gabe Event” that took place this past summer. Staley took a hiatus from work and pedaled 3,370 miles across 12-states with a friend to help raise awareness for the disease.

Most recently, this past weekend another event was held, this one was called “Hoops for Gabe.” The event raised close to $9,500 as 33-teams from the North-Shelby Basketball Association came to Chelsea to compete in the event. Among the most notable participants were Mountain Brook, Briar Wood, Chelsea, Spain Park, Oak Mountain and Vestavia. All teams were 2nd-6th graders.

You can help Gabe’s cause by going to www.hopeforgabe.org when you click on the donate button.