Marriages for the week of Dec. 31, 2014

Published 4:34 pm Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The following individuals were granted marriage licenses in Shelby County from Dec. 9-15, 2014:


-Jon Teal Kelton, 26, of Birmingham, to Sidney Anne McGough, 25, of Birmingham.

-Jason Michael Beasley, 38, of Birmingham, to Sara A. Sullivan, 39, of Birmingham.

-Jonathan Blake Squires, 20, of Auburn, to Nicole Marie Parent, 21, of Birmingham.

-Miguel Jaiver Calzada, 30, of Alabaster, to Yuri Idalia Martinez Reyes, 34, of Alabaster.

-Stephen Scott Wilson, 30, of Montevallo, to Jennifer Lynn Eaton, 33, of Montevallo.

-Kevin Bruce Banks, 41, of Kimberly, to Paula Parker Miller, 46, of Kimberly.

-Stephen M. Mobley, 56, of Sterrett, to Ann Christine Mizicko, 51, of Sterrett.

-Nataniel Ryan Roy, 24, of Calera, to Katherine Ann Nunt, 26, of Calera.

-Daryl Douglas Smith, 33, of Wilsonville, to Erin Louise Brown, 28, of Birmingham.

-Tyler Jacob Nix, 21, of Birmingham, to Catherine Hamilton Duffee, 21, of Birmingham.

-Lawrence Hall Possein, 51, of Chelsea, to Kris Mouston Possein, 53, of Chelsea.

-Derek Jerome Smedley, 36, of Calera, to Lesley Danielle Gooden, 27, of Calera.

-Wesley Vance Brooks, 31, of Harpersville, to Kari Nicole Pike, 28, of Harpersville.

-Brian Joseph Huckstein, 28, of Birmingham, to Casey Leighann Brannon, 27, of Birmingham.

-Michael Wesley Belk, 28, of Calera, to Whitney Morgan Brown, 25, of Maylene.

-Mark Theodore Giles, 47, of Aragon, Ga., to Michelle Renee Taylor Little, 47, of Jemison.

-Gerald Wesley Kline II, 44, of Alabaster, to Tonya Dinwiddie Easter, 43, of Alabaster.

-Andrew Preston Walls, 27, of Pelham, to Kevyn Patricia Riley, 25, of Pelham.

-Christopher York Rogers, 28, of Birmingham, to Cheryl Wei Shen Ng, 28, of Birmingham.

-Clifford Ray Fulgham, 24, of Montevallo, to Melanie Ann Vanderslice, 38, of Calera.

-Eugene C. Rusch, 66, of Chelsea, to Holly J. Odoherty, 42, of Chelsea.

-William Robert Miller III, 25, of Birmingham, to Chelsae Ann Bearce, 24, of Birmingham.

-Robert Gary Jones, 27, of Pelham, to Carolann Marie Flemming, 27, of Pelham.

-Arnold Gregory Jones, 25, of Birmingham, to Brianna Ebone Fenil, 23, of Birmingham.

-Nichael Joseph Pohl, 57, of Birmingham, to Judy Charlene Tate, 61, of Birmingham.

-Marcus Thames Pierce Sr., 70, of Helena, to Robin Rae Rendon, 56, of Alabaster.