Murphy leans on faith, family during illness

Published 3:37 pm Monday, January 5, 2015


Pictured are Brian and Peytonne Murphy. (Contributed)

Pictured are Brian and Peytonne Murphy. (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Peytonne Childers Murphy has been in the hospital, rehab, wheelchair and a walker from May 19 until late July of this year.

This all started one day with Murphy complaining of “not feeling right” and a little shaky.

Her daughters told her she didn’t “look right” either.

They called their dad who came home and immediately got her to the hospital emergency room.

They eventually discovered that she had suffered several small strokes and had a Factor 8 disorder that caused her to overproduce clotting factors.

“After multiple surgeries (lost five toes) and rehab I was discharged in July,” Murphy said. “I have left side numbness that may be permanent and the loss of all five toes on my left foot.”

The fight is still ongoing. Hopefully by March Murphy will have a five-toe prosthetic that will enable her to wear a shoe and walk again.

“I list to the left right now, but I am ready to show everyone I can get back to “my normal,” Murphy said.

This experience, Murphy says, “has made me a more compassionate nurse and a better person. My girls have seen their mother is a strong woman, and they too can accomplish anything as long as they are close to God.”

Born in 1966 at Bethesda Naval Hospital, her parents are the late Larry Childers and wife Joy.

Educated at Shelby Academy, Samford University and UAB (BS in nursing 1990), Murphy spent 20 years at Shelby Medical Center.

She has been employed for the past seven years as a registered nurse in education at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

She is married to Brian Murphy, who is a full-time member of the Alabama Air National Guard.

Murphy says Brian publicly proposed to her at a Christmas Eve candlelight service at First Presbyterian and her immediate answer was, “I’m going to kill you.”

Her daughters, Lauren, age 16, and Lesleigh, age 15, are both students at Thompson High School.

Her sister Kim Childers-Rollan and brothers Mike, Steve and Russ Childers complete the family.

“Taking all of this one day at a time and rejoicing with each small accomplishment is all we can do,” Murphy said.