Kai’s Koffee keeps moving up

Published 3:29 pm Monday, January 12, 2015

Earnestine Bowie, Kai Smith and Anna Williams are three of the smiling faces you might find serving you at Kai's Koffee in Pelham. (Contributed)

Earnestine Bowie, Kai Smith and Anna Williams are three of the smiling faces you might find serving you at Kai’s Koffee in Pelham. (Contributed)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“The coffee shop is taking on a life of its own,” Kai Smith said.

Chatting in her Farmers Insurance office that is conveniently located next door to Kai’s Koffee’s new location on Highway 31 North in Pelham’s Regal Plaza across from the Pelham Post Office, Smith revealed what led to her latest move.

“The chance to have my café next door to my insurance office is a huge perk,” Smith said. “The property owner called to let me know the location was available. The owner of Gracie’s Bows that was located in Regal Plaza had been an insurance client of mine—and I had always admired her store. I am thrilled to be right on Highway 31. We are getting more walk-in traffic than ever before.”

Walking next door to Kai’s Koffee, the warmth, charm and beauty of Pelham’s coffee house captivates.

The warm, coffee-toned granite stretching across the coffee bar invites those who run in for a quick pick-up to sit and chat with baristas and perhaps those at nearby tables.

An additional room offers plenty of space for groups to meet over coffee and the menu’s ever-increasing list of food items.

“Normally, I’m working in my insurance office,” Smith said. “If it gets hectic in the café and help is needed, I get the signal, grab my apron and become a barista.”

Always looking for ways to connect to the community, Smith continues to reach out.

Having Kai’s Koffee truck up and running for last fall’s PHS football season was a dream come true for her.

“I certainly learned not to plan to serve coffee by myself at PHS football games on cold nights,” Smith said. “I had to call for reinforcements, hot chocolate—and cups!”

Smith is also hosting All About Referrals meetings to connect small businesses at Kai’s Koffee.

Her goals for 2015 include more exterior marketing offering catering for meetings in and around Pelham.

To connect with Kai Smith, find Kai’s Koffee on Facebook—or just drop by for a hot cup of coffee and Kai’s warm and welcoming grin.