Glad you’re with us, Mr. Bob

Published 9:52 am Tuesday, January 13, 2015


If you are having trouble finding living proof of a miracle, just take a minute to talk with Bob Green in Alabaster.
Green, who has owned Bob Green’s Alabaster Optical off U.S. 31 for the past 38 years, has been through more than most people will ever experience, and he continues to keep a positive outlook.
During his lifetime, 65-year-old Green has had two open-heart surgeries, numerous heart attacks, fluid buildup on his brain, 18 heart stints, neck surgery, a four-wheeler wreck and a car wreck.
Unfortunately, his family has been through an emotional roller coaster while Green has gone through these things, as doctors have predicted Green would die four times in the past. Fortunately, he is still with us, and even spends time at his Alabaster business greeting his loyal customers almost every day.
Last Wednesday, Green jumped at the chance to help one of his longtime customers who stopped in to say hello. The customer had dropped something on his glasses and bent the frame, and Green said he had just the remedy.
“I just need the right tools and a good pair of reading glasses,” Green told his friend as he walked to his work area in the back of the store.
Despite surviving multiple near-death experiences, Green was quick to shy away from the spotlight and put the focus on his faith.
“I’ve pretty much had everything happen to me, and I’ve had the good fortune to smile about it now,” Green said. “But this has nothing to do with Bob Green. What God has done is used my body to show that he still performs miracles. I want people to know that.”
Green said he is not scared of the next journey in his life, either.
“When I take my last breath on Earth, I know I will take my first breath in heaven,” Green said.
We admire your outlook, Mr. Bob. We’re glad you’re still with us.