Pelham gym redefines fitness

Published 3:39 pm Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PurMotion gym in Pelham. (Contributed)

PurMotion gym in Pelham. (Contributed)

By JON HARRISON/ Staff Writer

PELHAM- PurMotion, an innovative fitness facility in Pelham, is doing its best to bring back athleticism to the weight room.

The founder of PurMotion, Jorge Bonnet, is a five-time Olympian in judo and bobsledding.

“Our company is all about functional training, equipment and education,” said Bonnet. “The purpose is to develop athleticism in the weight room, not weight lifters.”

The PurMotion program focuses on six basic principles that Bonnet said are a part of any successful workout plan. The PurMotion staff educates patrons on these principles and guides them in developing their own workout to achieve “athleticism.”

“You cannot find a source to define fitness in a clear black and white definition,” said Bonnet. “But a workout comprised of our six basic principles helps you achieve athleticism.”

PurMotion has also designed and developed its own line of work out machinery and gear that they sale on their website

“We believe in the tools that we have created,” said Bonnet. “We like to say that we have redefined movement, redefined the tools and redefined the rules of working out.”

While designing and developing PurMotion’s line of workout equipment, Bonnet made it a point to use as many Alabama resources as he could in the manufacturing process.

“I use Alabama welders and Alabama machinery,” said Bonnet. “I do my best to get my sewing done and my contract manufacturers here. I do everything I can to stay in state with my business.”

Since PurMotion was founded in 2010, Bonnet said the company has developed a large presence in Asia and has taken off in Scandinavia as well.

“We really want to eventually be huge exporters,” said Bonnet.  “We are small company with a strong presence.”

PurMotion is located at 211 Applegate Trace, in Pelham. For more information on PurMotion’s programs, products and methods visit or call 533-8800.