Riverchase Middle School students compete in Science Fair

Published 10:59 am Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eighth grade students at Riverchase Middle School competed in a science fair Jan. 12 (Contributed)

Eighth grade students at Riverchase Middle School competed in a science fair Jan. 12 (Contributed)

By JON HARRISON/ Staff Writer

The eighth graders at Riverchase Middle School competed in the school’s science fair on Monday, Jan. 12.

The science fair’s entries were split into four categories: Physical science, health and social science, life science and entrepreneur and technology.

The event was modeled after the UAB science fair, which the winners from each category will be attending with their projects. Alicia Melton is a science teacher at Riverchase Middle School who sponsored the event. There were three winners from each category of the competition. In the physical science category, third place went to Sean McGrath with “Lacrosse Stick Experiment,” the second place winner was Camden Jones with “What substance makes ice melt faster” and Nancy Razo won first place with “Does hair color effect how much static electricity it can carry.”

In the health and social science category, Kathleen Kelly took home third place with “Ambiance’s effect on horror,” second place went to Ethan Deveaux with “How smoking affects the human lungs” and Ernest Samuel took home first place with “How does ADHD medicine effect an individual?”

In the life science category, third place was awarded to Joshua White with “How does bleach effect plant growth?,” second place went to Max Slaughter and Patrick Durr for “ Effects of vinegar on an egg,” and first place went to Josie Hester for “Soil pollution.”

In the last category, entrepreneurship and technology, third place went to Hope Love for “Egg Geodes,” second place was awarded to McKenzie Rollins and Kaylie Raegster for “Electric play dough” and Madison Brock and Emma Shirley received first place for “What materials are best to build a house on?”

“These sort of activities and events the students learn time management and to stick to a schedule,” said Alicia Melton, a science teacher at Riverchase Middle School. “I love to see the students work on something they value and the creativity that is shown in their projects.”

The winners will proceed to the UAB Science Fair and compete on a larger scale representing Riverchase Middle School.