Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dear editor,

Driving into an intersection when the other road has the right of way is somewhat difficult, especially if one is driving onto a main road. This is also time consuming if one has a schedule to keep and there is no other way to get around. School buses on a route schedule are an example of this. They have a schedule of about what time they would be at the students’ houses. Intersections without traffic signals make it hard for the bus drivers to keep that schedule if no one lets them onto the main road. On hot afternoons this would be useful for children to be able to go home faster after riding a humid/hot bus full of other children.
County Road 22 in Calera is an example of a main road that is hard for two road intersections, Smokey Road and County Road 12 East, to enter. County Road 22 is the road that leads to Walmart, Publix, and many fast-food/dine-in restaurants. This is why that road can be busy.

I propose that those two road intersections should have traffic signals to fairly and safely regulate the roads. I know that the traffic signal system would be complex when installing, but having traffic signals would let the driver’s go to their destination fairly and reduce accident risks. According to the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey, created by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 36 percent of the 2,188, 969 crashes were at intersections. Of the 36 percent, poor surveillance was the most prevalent cause of these crashes. This leads to the fact that County Road 22 should have traffic signals where intersecting County Road 12 and Smokey Road in order to prevent crashes and let drivers in and out of intersections in a timely manner.

Sarai Olvera, Montevallo