Integra pays dividends for future

Published 4:17 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2015

By CHRIS GEORGE / Guest Columnist
Recently, I was tossing the football around with my 7-year-old son and I took note that his passing was less about form and delivery, and more about just getting it out of his hands. I called time-out and brought him over to talk about practice and consistency. I told him that any and every time he threw the ball, he should throw it as if the whole game depended on that one throw.
We often hear the word “integrity” when we are looking at political candidates or the person up for the next promotion. In truth, the word integrity is translated from the Latin word, “Integra” and it means much more than mere truth. While preparing their men for battle, Roman commanders would walk the ranks of the Legionnaires and upon facing each one, the soldier would strike his own armor across his chest and yell “Integra!” This showed the commander that the soldier’s armor was solid and the strength of his yell was affirmed.
In order to have integrity, one must work daily in all aspects of life. Small things you do that may seem insignificant, such as throwing a candy wrapper out the car window or not correcting the lady who just gave you change for $20 when you actually gave her $10, can erode at your moral being. Now certainly my talk with my middle son about throwing the ball has nothing to do with preparing him for battle or teaching the true meaning of integrity, but I am raising a man and every single action he makes now develops that strong foundation that he will have to rely on when he fails.
Your hobbies should include your young children. When they are confronted with the world, they will rely on those lessons we give them in life. We need to give them resources so they can put on that armor and defend themselves. Our children need to see us acting accordingly at all times, rise above the occasion, and have Integra, because the world is watching and waiting to knock them down.