Matherson fights fires in his hometown

Published 3:36 pm Monday, March 9, 2015

Josh Matherson of Alabaster serves his hometown as a fireman. (Contributed)

Josh Matherson of Alabaster serves his hometown as a fireman. (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Many of our firemen seem to be retiring, but there is a “whole crop” of young men able and willing to serve and protect our community.

In 2004, Josh Matherson completed his education at the Bessemer School of Professional Firefighting and became an Alabaster fireman.

Lucky for him, Alabaster is his home. Grandparents Frank and Jessie Matherson, Dad Kenney, Uncle Frankie (former fire chief) and Uncle Sammie are all well-known in the area.

There are cousins galore as well as Josh’s wife Ashley, children Gage Motes, age 13; Dailynn Motes, age 9; and Daney Kate Matherson, age 2.

Josh has one brother, Jeffrey.

When in high school, Matherson played baseball at Thompson High School for Coach Hamrick and football for Coach Seales.

One of his favorite things to do now is to play softball with all his buddies from high school.

Hanging out with friends and family and practically “living at the ball field” are among his favorite pastimes.

“Three kids keep you busy, especially when both parents work,” he said.“To get a full night’s sleep at work, have a good shift and return to my family safe every day is a good day in my book.”

A minimum of four firemen per shift is necessary for cleaning the station, the fire trucks and equipment, cleaning the bays, doing fire drills, going to city functions and events, doing fire and physical training, maintaining hydrants and of course running calls.

“My family attends Church of the Highlands which will soon have a location right here in Alabaster,” he said.

Matherson says his family worries about him when there is a serious fire or accident.  “Guess every fireman’s family does that,” he said.

He went on to say, “The most rewarding part of my job is being able to help different people on a daily basis, and to be helping in my own community where I was born and raised and know so many people is just an added bonus.”