Alabama Silver-Haired Legislature to hold elections in May

Published 9:08 am Friday, March 13, 2015


Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging (M4A) is now accepting applications for the May elections to the Alabama Silver-Haired Legislature.

The Silver-Haired Legislature is a non-profit model legislature of citizen volunteers aged 60 and older elected or appointed to represent the interest of older Alabamians.

It is patterned after the Alabama State Legislature, with members representing each of the 105 state legislative districts.

Anyone who is age 60 and older and a registered voter in the state of Alabama can apply by completing the required forms.

Candidates must also obtain petition forms that must be signed by 25 area residents 60 years or older.
Applications and petition forms are available at Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging (M4A).

ASHL members work throughout the year to identify the needs of seniors in their district by attending meetings, participating in community events and senior organizations.

Members are responsible for drafting resolutions on senior issues that should be addressed at the legislative session.

The annual ASHL legislative session is held in the Alabama House of Representatives in Montgomery each October.
Resolutions are introduced, debated and considered for passage by vote of the member.

In their final session, members will identify and prioritize the top issues from those passed during their session. These issues are then presented to the governor and to members of the Alabama State Legislature.

Interested candidates need to complete the forms by April 1 to be considered for the election.

For more information and to obtain the required forms, call M4A at 1-866-570-2998.