Yohn wrapping up first year at PHS

By CHLOE ALLEN / Special to the Reporter

PELHAM- With the end of the school year fast approaching, one school administrator is ending his first year as the principal of Pelham High School, and he already has his sights set for next year’s planning.



Dr. Jason Yohn, who has been an administrator for 14 years now, said he is excited about getting the ball rolling at Pelham High School. With his emphasis on guiding the students on what career paths they want to take, Yohn said he is eager to help his students, present and future, achieve their goals.

“We have several academic initiatives that we are going to be pushing out next year. We are going to be rolling out about eight academic academies such as fine arts, sports medicine and communications,” Yohn said.

Yohn said this all would not be possible without the continued support of the parents and Pelham community, as well as the team of administrators at the high school who continue to help students find what they are passionate about and help pave the way for their future.

“Our job is to put kids in the workforce or in college that are college and career ready, and the academies are prime targets for helping kids figure out what they may want to do,” Yohn said.

With administrators as wells as a community supporting the movements going forward, Yohn said he is looking to have Pelham High School on a fast track to success in academics, sports and everything else across the board.