Encourage students to finish strong

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, March 24, 2015

By RANDY FULLER / Guest Columnist

The weather is getting nicer and we are all getting spring fever. There are nine weeks left of school and students are easily distracted after a cold, wet, dreary winter.
They may find themselves a little tired and thinking mostly about summer. These last few weeks of school can be challenging and it is understandable to be tempted to slow down a bit.
However, it is important for the future of our students that we actually find ways to encourage them to finish the year, strong!
What occurs in the final weeks of classes has a huge influence on how students feel about learning, much similar to the final minutes of an athletic competition, when a game can be won or lost.
As a former basketball coach, it was vital for me to encourage the players to understand why we practiced so hard. I would have to remind them in the moment of exhaustion to focus on the preparation and conditioning that allowed us to be successful even when the situations became difficult.  Students need that same reassurance.
The last quarter of the school year provides opportunities for students to learn how to overcome obstacles and complete the year in a positive way.  Think about ways you can support our students in this effort.
May 22 is not the end, but a transition into the next school year and the next stage of life’s journey.  Let’s encourage all of our students to “FINISH STRONG!”
Randy Fuller is the superintendent of Shelby County Schools.