Arrests for the week of March 25, 2015

Published 4:18 pm Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The following individuals were arrested and charged by municipal police departments from Feb.11 – Mar.17:





-Justin Jerome Blankenship, 27, Montevallo, possession of a controlled substance.

-Serena Dianne Fulton, 45, Alabaster, inoperable vehicles.

-Robert Ernest Godwin, 29, Vestavia, alias writ of arrest/failure to comply.

-Shannon Brooke Hutcheson, 37, Alabaster, negotiation wrothless instrucment.

-Ralph Daniel Peavy, 32, Alabaster, public intoxication.

-Allen Young Williams, 44, Alabaster, warrant-violation of leash law I.



-Danny Michael Jett, 31, Pinson, alias writ of arrest.

-Michael Jerome Oliver, 27, Forestdale, alias writ of arrest.

-Darryl Eugene Wilson, 56, Maylene, driving under the influence.

-Braxton Michael Bell, 23, Birmingham, failure to comply with court orders.



-Joshua Lamar Allison, 25, Shelby, bench warrant.

-Timothy Jerrod Richardson, 26, Fairfield, alias writ of arrest-violation of court order.

-Jimmy Dale Holcomb, 45, Mulga, alias writ of arrest-failure to appear III.

-Allison Jean Barclay, 38, Alabaster, probation revocation assault III.

-Martha Johnstone Garrett, 59, Calera, driving under the influence of controlled substance.



-Osbaldo Rodriguez Romero, 19, Helena, domestic violence-strangulation.



-Xavier Mahr Rutherford Johnson, 22, Montevallo, failure to appear.

-Ivan Felipe Martinez, 24, Alabaster, driving under the influence of alcohol.


Mar. 16

-Toccarda M. Works, 24, Jemison, domestic violence III.

-Wilbert Earle Prince, 29, Centerpoint, alias writ of arrest/failure to appear.

-William Lee Varden, 25, Jemison, driving under the influence-controlled substance.



-Sheletha Arlene Weatherspoon, 40, Birmingham, alias writ of arrest.

-Candice L. Brand, 37, Jasper, failing to appear-traffic.

-Endrick Lerone Smith, 41, Dolomite, contempt of court.

-Travis Carl Pennington, 25, Homewood, possession of marijuana II.





-John Spencer White, 32, Birmingham, driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Sharon Monique James, 23, Calera, theft of property II.

-John Spencer White, 32, Birmingham, driving under the influence.



-David Gilbert, 24, Calera, possession of a controlled substance.

-Marvin Earl Pine, 28, Montgomery, driving under the influence of alcohol.



-Marshall Scott Reneau, 48, Montevallo, driving under the influence of a controlled substance.



-Lebaron Trumaine Thomas, 39, Selma, alias writ of arrest.



-Jereme Alan Brown, 23, Columbiana, failure to appear.



-Christopher Jacob Giles, 23, Calera, public intoxication.

-Gregory Paul Johnson, 27, Alabaster, failure to appear.

-Matthew Roland Oakes, 27, Wilsonville, failure to appear.

-Dramesha Jones Powell, 41, Birmingham, domestic violence-harassment-family.

-Dannie Brackett Jr., 41, Columbiana, unauthorized uses of a vehicle.

-Amber Lynn Weston, 27, Adamsville, disorderly conduct-disturbing peace.



-Jacob Anthony Danley, 20, Calera, possession of marijuana II.

-Ashley Ellison Guy, 36, Calera, failure to appear.

-Ronald Dewayne Perry, 50, Calera, domestic violence.





-Mark William King, 47, Adamsville, failure to appear.



-Joel McLendon Poweel, 36, Fultondale, failure to appear.



-Napoleon Mason Jr., 66, Birmingham, driving under the influence.





-Gordon Eugene Prowell, Montevallo, alias writ of arrest.






-Demetrius Terrell Burks, 23, Birmingham, theft of property III.

-Carnelle Lavon Howell, 33, Birmingham, alias warrant.



-Joshua Randall Blackmon, 35, Prattville, public intoxication.

-Samuel Alexander Cox Capra, 19, Helena, possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of marijuana II.

-Lindsey Leigh Harrison, 34, Mount Olive, alias warrant.

-Jimmy Dale Holcomb, 45, Mulga, foreign misdemeanor arrest.

-Kaylah Briegh Storey, 21, Birmingham, alias warrant.



-Darryll Wayne Harris, 54, Alabaster, alias warrant.

-Jeremy Wayne Johnson, 19, Birmingham, unauthorized use/unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle and carrying a pistol without license.

-Ronzell Bernard Washington, 19, Birmingham, unauthorized/unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle and carrying a pistol without a license.



-Mark Allan Maynard, 55, Birmingham, driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Edward Charles McDonald, 31, Nashville, TN, alias warrant.

-Adrian Kenyon Spears, 34, Coosada, foreign misdemeanor arrest.



-Robert Calverster Avery Jr., 32, Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Leroy Ball Jr., 36, Alabaster, failure to appear/comply.

-Tameca Latrice Bivins, 44, Calera, alias warrant.

-Gregory Paul Johnson, 27, Alabaster, alias warrant.



-Jeremy Ryan Bowling, 22, Chelsea, alias warrant.

-Curtis Lee Witherspoon, 24, Uniontown, alias warrant.