Judge seeks public’s help for abused children

Published 9:46 am Thursday, March 26, 2015


April is Child Abuse Prevention and Neglect Month, and Judge Jim Kramer is asking for the community’s help.

Kramer works with the Court Appointed Special Advocates to assist him with his court cases. CASA recruits and trains volunteers to go through the court process with abused and neglected children and Kramer said he needs more of them. Kramer said that CASA Volunteers are his “eyes and ears” in court.

CASA Volunteers complete a specified training program which qualifies them to assist Kramer. It is a job he credits with improving the quality of life for children and families and saving the county “hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.”

Once they complete training, CASA volunteers are sworn in by Judge Kramer and become official officers of the court. They advocate for the best interests of the children they serve including monitoring their interaction at school and at home.

They investigate all aspects of the cases which they are assigned by Judge Kramer. They write court reports and are accountable to him in presenting the facts of the case.

“CASA Volunteers provide me with valuable information about the daily lives of children and their home lives that I would not know otherwise. They provide me with the information I need to make the best decision for the children in my court,” Kramer said.

CASA training will begin April 14. For more information, download an application at Casaofshelbycounty.org or call 243-8753.

CASA is funded in part by the Department of Child Abuse Prevention and Neglect, also known as The Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama and by a Shelby County Community Grant.