Siluria, Medical Mile design open house is April 30

Published 1:10 pm Friday, April 24, 2015

Alabaster will continue its strategic planning process during the final week of April. (File)

Alabaster will continue its strategic planning process during the final week of April. (File)


ALABASTER – The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham is working with Alabaster to update the city’s 2005 master plan, and will focus on the future of two city districts in late April.

The City, in conjunction with the RPCGB, the city’s consultant on the project, will conduct an intensive week-long series of idea sessions with stakeholders. The Open Design Studio will be a week-long series of workshops and open houses focusing on identifying improvements to urban design character, transportation, mobility and economic opportunities specifically for the Alabaster Main Street Medical Mile corridor and Siluria Mill area.

On Monday, April 27, the city will host a roundtable discussion and design workshop with Siluria Mill property owners, prospective developers and other invited stakeholders in order to generate ideas for what can be done within Siluria Mill. The round table discussion and workshop will begin at 11:15 a.m., and will be held in the Alabaster City Hall Chamber Room.

On Tuesday, April 28, the city will host a Main Street 101 and Vibrant Streets planning workshop for the small businesses and major property owners in the Main Street Medical Mile corridor. The Main Street 101 and Vibrant Streets workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Suite 108 of the Physician’s Center at Shelby Baptist Medical Center. The Vibrant Streets portion of the workshop will detail how to leverage local assets and a market appropriate mix of uses to achieve economic growth.

A formal open house for the public will be held on Thursday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m. at the Alabaster City Hall. The ideas generated from the Open Design Studio workshops earlier in the week, along with conceptual designs illustrating the potential for the two districts, will be shared. The public will be able to provide feedback on these ideas and concepts, as well as provide additional input and share their ideas on the future of these two focus areas.

Ideas and information gathered during this week long process will be used by the RPCGB to inform the Comprehensive Plan update and advise city leaders. Alabaster’s leaders will ultimately make the final decision about what to do in both the Main Street Medical Mill and Siluria Mill area.

For more information about the Comprehensive Plan visit the City of Alabaster’s website at and click on the Alabaster Forward button at the bottom of the page, or visit Updates of the workshops, ideas generated and discussions will be posted to the plan website and to the Alabaster City Hall Facebook page at