Exhaustive list of Shelby County athletes competing at state track and field championships

Published 4:42 pm Thursday, April 30, 2015

By BAKER ELLIS / Sports Editor

The following is a comprehensive list, by classification, of all Shelby County athletes who qualified to participate in individual events, as well as relay teams competing at the state track and field championships from April 30- May 2 in Cullman and Gulf Shores. Individual athletes in relays are not named.



Westminster School at Oak Mountain

– Wiley Boone. 100-meter dash, seeded fourth. 200-meter dash, seeded fourth. Long jump, seeded first. Triple jump, seeded third.

– Will Simpson. 100-meter dash, seeded sixth.

– Malcolm Messer. 200-meter dash, seeded 14th. 400-meter dash, seeded eighth.

– Jacob Carrell. 400-meter dash, seeded fifth. 800-meter run, seeded second. 300-meter hurdles, seeded third.

– Daniel Richardson. 400-meter dash, seeded ninth.

– Scott Landers. 800-meter run, seeded seventh. 1,600-meter run, seeded sixth.

– Pierce Moffett. 800-meter run, seeded 10th. 110-meter hurdles, seeded 10th. 300-meter hurdles, seeded sixth.

– Carter Lemons. 1,600-meter run, seeded seventh. 3,200-meter run, seeded seventh.

– Cole Callahan. 1,600-meter run, seeded 10th. 300-meter hurdles, seeded 15th.

– Nathan Dean. 3,200-meter run, seeded sixth.

– Samuel Haskins. 110-meter hurdles, seeded ninth. Pole vault, seeded fifth. Long jump, seeded 22nd. Triple jump, seeded ninth.

– John Lusk. 110-meter hurdles, seeded 14th. Pole vault, seeded fourth.

– Brock Shannon. High jump, seeded fifth.

– Jacob Welch. High jump, seeded eighth.

– Jonah Sellers. Triple jump, seeped 19th.

– Alex Poore. Discus, seeded 14th.

– Ty Lee. Discus, seeded 18th.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded third. 4×400-meter relay, seeded second. 4×800-meter relay, seeded first.



– D’Andre Davis. 400-meter dash, seeded 22nd.

– Dreyton Wood. 300-meter hurdles, seeded 19th. Javelin, seeded 13th.

– Judd George. Discus, seeded 24th.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded 13th.


Shelby County

– Deon Carter. 200-meter dash, seeded 23rd. 400-meter dash, seeded 24th.


– Furman Taylor. 400-meter dash, seeded 23rd. 800-meter run, seeded fourth. 1,600-meter run, seeded sixth.

– Blake Vaughn. 800-meter run, seeded seventh. 1,600-meter run, seeded fifth. 3,200-meter run, seeded fifth.

– Steven Williams. 800-meter run, seeded 16th.

– Curtis Woods. 100-meter hurdles, seeded 15th. Triple jump, seeded eighth.

– Christian Hill. 300-meter hurdles, seeded 15th.

– Justin Stuckey. High jump, seeded 15th.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded 20th. 4×200-meter relay, seeded 22nd. 4×800-meter relay, seeded second.


4×100-meter relay, seeded 15th.



– Ethan Mitchell. 1,600 meter run, seeded 22nd.


– Griffin Oak. 3,200-meter run, seeded 15th.

– Daniel Johnston. Discus, seeded 11th.


– Johnathan Traylor. 400-meter dash, seeded 18th.

– Dorian Austin. 400-meter run, seeded 19th.

– Peyton Strickland. 800-meter run, seeded 14th.

– Robby Letson. 1,600-meter run, seeded 20th.

– Mason Tittle. Javelin, seeded 16th.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded 16th. 4×400-meter relay, seeded ninth. 4×800-meter relay, seeded 14th.



– Patrick Haywood. 100-meter dash, seeded fourth. 200-meter dash, seeded seventh.

– Samuel Holmes. 400-meter dash, seeded 19th.

– Trennie Warren. 400-meter dash, seeded 20th.

– Andrew Jetzel. 800-meter run, seeded eighth.

– Alex Coleman. 3,200-meter run, seeded 12th.

– Emmanuel Tait. 110-meter hurdles, seeded first. 300-meter hurdles, seeded first.

– Craig Clark. 110-meter hurdles, seeded 15th.

– Brett Blackmon. Pole vault, seeded eighth.

– Viktor Turek. Discus, seeded second.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded ninth. 4×400-meter relay, seeded 10th. 4×800-meter relay, seeded sixth.

Spain Park

– Damarius Farmer. 100-meter dash, seeded 24th.

– Daniel Nixon. 800-meter run, seeded third. 1,600-meter run, seeded fifth.

– Christian Strong. 110-meter hurdles, seeded eighth. 300-meter hurdles, seeded 13th.

– Jeff Bannon. Pole vault, seeded ninth.

– Jerome Kirklnad. Long jump, seeded third.

– Brayden Pierce. Long jump, seeded 19th. Triple jump, seeded first.

– Damon Wright. Shot put, seeded fifth.

– Stonewall Ingram. Javelin, seeded fourth.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded 18th. 4×800-meter relay, seeded first.

Oak Mountain

– Sam Brown. 400-meter dash, seeded 15th. High jump, seeded 10th.

– Eric LaPorte. 400-meter dash, seeded 16th.

– Darius Robinson. 800-meter dash, seeded 20th. 1,600-meter dash, seeded 12th.

– Cole Stidfole. 1,600-meter dash, seeded second. 3,200-meter dash, seeded first.

– Sean Drummond. 3,200-meter run. Seeded fifth.

– Tim Coe. 3,200-meter run, seeded 23rd.

– Deshawn Giles. High jump, seeded 14th.

– Andrew Day. Shot put, seeded eighth.

– Payton Youngblood. Javelin, seeded second.

– Crayson Sikorski. Javelin, seeded 17th.

– Alex King. Javelin, seeded 19th.




Westminster School at Oak Mountain

– Payton Metcalf. 100-meter dash, seeded sixth. 100-meter hurdles, seeded third.

– Hannah York. 100-meter dash, seeded 19th. 200-meter dash, seeded 21st.

– Claire Touliatos. 200-meter dash, seeded ninth. 400-meter dash, seeded eighth. 100-meter hurdles, seeded sixth.

– Sarah Kate Lipperd. 400-meter dash, seeded fourth. 800-meter run, seeded seventh. 300-meter hurdles, seeded first.

– Morgan White. 400-meter dash, seeded 14th. 300-meter hurdles, seeded fifth.

– Maddie Hoaglund. 800-meter run, seeded fifth. 1,600-meter run, seeded third. 3,200-meter run, seeded fourth.

– Camilla Lemons. 800-meter run, seeded 14th. 1,600-meter run, seeded 11th. 3,200-meter run, seeded ninth.

– Camryn Neal. 1,600-meter run, seeded eighth. 3,200-merer run, seeded fifth.

– Tori Deen. 300-meter hurdles, seeded seventh.

– Katie Croushorn. Pole vault, seeded eighth.

– Olivia Brookins. Long jump, seeded 13th.

– Anna Rebekah Richburg. Triple jump, seeded 15th.

– Lauren Murdock. Triple jump, seeded 17th.

– Merill Ray. Discus, seeded 21st.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded sixth. 4×400-meter relay, seeded second.4×800-meter relay, seeded third.



– Makayla Cohill. 100-meter dash, seeded ninth. 200-meter dash, seeded third. 400-meter dash, seeded second.



– Quiana Moore. 100-meter dash, seeded seventh. 200-meter dash, seeded eighth

– Claire Vaughn.  800-meter run, seeded eighth. 1,600-meter run, seeded fifth. 3,200-meter run, seeded fourth.

– Maggie Lucas. 1,600-meter run, seeded eighth. 3,200-meter run, seeded third.

– Allison Tanner. High jump, seeded 16th.

– Kaija Ray. High jump, seeded 20th.

– Niya Oden. Triple jump, seeded ninth.

– Hannah Montalbo. Triple jump, seeded 19th.

– Kirsen Gardner. Shot put, seeded 12th. Discus, seeded fourth. Javelin, seeded 10th.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded ninth. 4×400-meter relay, seeded eighth. 4×800-meter relay, seeded fifth.

Shelby County

– Marjorie Head. 3,200-meter run, seeded fifth. Shot put, seeded 19th.

– Kelli Roper. 300-meter hurdles, seeded 17th.


– 4×800-meter relay, seeded 11th.



– Erykah Hall. 100-meter dash, seeded 12th. 200-meter dash, seeded 12th.

– Erin Hines. 400-meter dash, seeded fourth. 300-meter hurdles, seeded ninth. Long jump, seeded eighth. High jump, seeded 14th.

– Jordan Allison. 400-meter dash, seeded ninth. 800-meter dash, seeded fifth. 300-meter hurdles, seeded third.

– Mary Grace Strozier. 800-meter run, seeded third. 1,600-meter run, seeded 11th. 3,200-meter run, seeded first.

– Lesya Lackey – 1,600-meter run, seeded 13th. 3,200-meter run, seeded 15th.

– Melanie Taylor – 100-meter hurdles, seeded 11th. Pole vault, seeded 13th. Triple jump, seeded 13th.

– Alex Ladewig. 100-meter hurdles, seeded 12th. Triple jump, seeded 22nd. Pole vault, seeded first.

– Taylor White. 300-meter hurdles, seeded 21st.

– Amelia Guthrie. High jump, seeded seventh. Pole vault, seeded third.

– Erin Long. High jump, seeded eighth.

– Alex Wilkins. Triple jump, seeded 21st.

– Ayala Seaborn. Discus, seeded second.

– Emorie Long. Javelin, seeded 17th.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded 14th. 4×400-meter relay, seeded ninth. 4×800-meter relay, seeded eighth.


– Courtney Ivy. 100-meter dash, seeded 20th. 100-meter hurdles, seeded 19th.


– Ashley Musachia. High jump, seeded 18th.

– Madison Kimel. Pole vault, seeded 12th.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded 16th. 4×800-meter relay, seeded ninth.



– Lauryn Dancy. 100-meter dash, seeded eighth.

– Alandria McGardy, 100-meter dash, seeded 13th. 200-meter dash, seeded 21st.

– Kiera Minieux. 400-meter dash, seeded eighth.

– Gracie Keller. 800-meter dash, seeded 14th.

– Katelyn Bowles. 100-meter hurdles, seeded 11th.

– Rebecca Harrell. 100-meter hurdles, seeded 16th. 300-meter hurdles, seeded 10th.

– Courtney Ozment. Pole vault, seeded 22nd.

– Kamden Marshall. Triple jump, seeded 23rd.

– Jordan Lenoir. Triple jump, seeded 24th.

– Sarah Owen. Shot put, seeded 13th. Discus, seeded 13th.

– Constance McKnight. Shot put, seeded 14th.

– 4×100-meter relay, seeded 15th. 4×400-meter relay, seeded seventh. 4×800-meter relay, seeded seventh.

Oak Mountain

– Nicole Payne. 400-meter dash, seeded first.

– Evie Bell. 3,200-meter dash, seeded fourth.

– Pearson Bell. 300-meter hurdles, seeded 14th.

– Sarah Mitchell. High jump, seeded 17th.

– Kristen West. Javelin, seeded 23rd.

Spain Park

– Zoe Shore. 1,600-meter run, seeded sixth. 3,200-meter run, seeded eighth.

– Sarah Sims McGrath. 1,600-meter run, seeded ninth. 3,200-meter run, seeded sixth.

– Kaleigh Carney. High jump, seeded 10th.

– Jhvonte Wair. High jump, seeded 24th.

– 4×800-meter relay, seeded ninth.