Who’s really calling the plays?

Published 4:24 pm Tuesday, May 19, 2015

By ALLEN FARLEY  /  Gust Columnist

In the state of Alabama, there is no question about the loyalty to, and knowledge of, the game of football by an overwhelming majority of our citizens. Heck, Coach Saban makes more as a football coach at a “state” university than the total amount the state of Alabama pays for all of our “state” politicians put together. I know, that’s like comparing a big “red” plum to a sack of prunes. (One tastes good and the other, well, you know what eating a sack of prunes will do for you.)
Coach Saban’s reputation of integrity is as impressive as his winning record. Pay the man!
Why do you think a growing number of Alabamians are choosing not to take 30 minutes out of one day every few years to vote? Why are those same Alabamians apparently not concerned with having a hand in selecting their government representatives?
I believe we are witnessing a growing disconnect in the spiritual faith our great nation was founded on. We have seen an increase in community and school violence, our state prison population, and homelessness. People have quit going to the polls and to church. However, the attendance at Alabama and Auburn football games seem to be at an all-time high.
In the fourth quarter, Alabamians have learned to have faith in Coach Saban and Coach Malzahn. They will call the right plays and put the ball in the hands of the right person to give their team a chance to win. (They don’t call a consultant or lobbyist.)
In the fourth quarter of the 2015 Alabama Legislative Session, who will carry the ball and who’s really calling the plays?
Judges 5:8 states: When they chose new gods, war came to the city gates, and not a shield or spear was seen among forty thousand in Israel.
God Bless America!!!

Allen Farley represents portions of Jefferson and Shelby Counties in the Alabama Legislature’s House District 15. Representative Farley can be contacted at allenfarley@bellsouth.net, or 960-7526.