Man charged in pepper spray assault released on bond

Published 4:42 pm Tuesday, May 26, 2015

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

COLUBMIANA—A Trussville man charged in a pepper spray assault at a Hoover doctor’s office was released from the Shelby County Jail after a Shelby County judge agreed to lower the man’s bond on May 22.



Liles, 57, was arrested by the Hoover Police Department on April 30 after he allegedly entered a doctor’s office on April 22 and harassed two innocent bystanders and sprayed one with pepper spray. He was charged with one felony count of criminal use of a defense spray and misdemeanor counts of harassment and third degree assault.

Liles’ bond was originally set at $122,000, however it was lowered to $15,000 after the defense submitted a motion to reduce the bond.

According to the motion, Liles “suffers from a mental disease” and at the time of the alleged incident, he “was emotionally and mentally agitated (and) he had been unable to sleep for an extended period of time.”

Liles has no prior history of violence, and according to the motion, he is not a flight risk. Additionally, the motion detailed the victim in the alleged pepper spray assault stated she did not wish to press charges against Liles.

In a May 22 order from Shelby County Circuit Judge Dan Reeves, Liles’ bond was reduced to $15,000 on the condition that Liles will live with his sister in Thorsby, “shall not be left unattended at any point in time, and will have no access to weapons of any kind.” Reeves also ordered Liles to continue to take prescribed medications.