Owner tears down damaged home on 119

Published 3:07 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The owner of a heavily damaged house and garage off Alabama 119 has torn down the structures. (File)

The owner of a heavily damaged house and garage off Alabama 119 has torn down the structures. (File)

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – The owner of a dilapidated home off one of Alabaster’s busiest corridors has demolished the structure, meaning the city will not have to cover the cost of tearing it down.

During a June 22 meeting, the Alabaster City Council voted unanimously to fund the demolition of a house and garage at 10090 Alabama 119 in the event the property’s owner had not demolished it by August.

The City Council moved forward with the vote after the property owner indicated they planned to take the structure down themselves. Alabaster City Manager George Henry said the property owner finalized the demolition in late June.

Nobody spoke for or against the demolition during a public hearing before the June 22 council vote.

The Alabaster Housing Abatement Board voted in December 2013 to declare the property “unsafe to the point it creates a public nuisance,” and recommended the home and separate garage be demolished.

After the AHAB voted to declare the property a public nuisance, it posted a notice declaring such within 3 feet of the home’s entrance and made two attempts in March 2015 to notify the property owner of the board’s actions. No appeal was filed by the property owners, according to the AHAB.

AHAB photos depicted the long-vacant home in significant disrepair. Portions of the home’s roof had collapsed, the structure was unsecured and the lot was overgrown. The unsecured garage structure on the property had been spray painted with graffiti.

Had the property owner not taken down the structure themselves, Alabaster would have funded the demolition and attached the cost as a lien against the property.