Arrests for the week of July 8, 2015

Published 2:06 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The following individuals were arrested and charged by municipal police departments from June 10 –June 16:




June 26

-Faith Carol Carson, 45, Alabaster, domestic violence III.

-James Jeffrey Keebeler, 47, Alabaster, domestic violence III.

-Jessica Ann Whitlock, 34, Alabaster, alias writ of arrest.


June 27

-Kevin Lamar Mcgrew, 40, Pelham, failure to comply.


June 28

-Curtis Anders Herrman, 45, Maylene, driving under the influence of alcohol.


June 29

-Ethan Edward Harris, 24, Alabaster, contempt of court.

-Merrill Rogers Donald, 63, Pelham, harassment.


June 30

-Jerry Lynn Rodgers, 30, Calera, theft of property III.




June 26

-Timothy Lynn Blankenship, 34, Calera, Agency assist.

-Jonathan Kuo Shih, 30, Calera, Theft of property II.

-Ashley Lauren Wade, 41, Calera, Receiving stolen property II.

-Ryan Nicole Pitts, 29, Calera, 2 counts of Court commitment order.


June 27

-Reginald Deon Swift, 18, Calera, Receiving stolen property I.

-Devven Darnell Johnson, 21, Calera, Receiving stolen property I.

-William Allen Wilkins Jr., 41, Calera, Possession of drug paraphernalia.


June 28

-John Ryan Palmer, 33, Calera, Domestic violence-harassment.

-John Richard Strickland Jr., 26, Calera, Failure to appear.


June 29

-Massie Nicole Calvin, 19, Calera, Alias writ of arrest.

-Jimmy Wayne Alexander Jr., 25, Brierfield, Failure to appear.


June 30

-Michael Ray Nance, 29, Columbiana, Theft of property III.

-Seneca Unterrio Campbell, 38, Calera, Agency assist.

-Joshua Edwin Brasher, 30, Calera, Driving under the influence of combined substances.


July 1

-Ricky Wayne Hurtt, 47, Calera, Agency assist.




June 25

-Daniel Franklin Johns, 70, Helena, Cruelty II (animal).


June 27

-Jim Randall Nipper II, 43, Helena, Driving under the influence of alcohol and improper lane usage.

-Kenneth Duane Carr, 25, Bibb County, Warrant arrest-failure to appear-traffic.


June 30

-James Calvin Parrish, 25, Helena, Cruelty to animals.




June 19

-Robert James Morris, Montevallo, alias failure to display insurance.

-Dustin Kenneth Richardson, Montevallo, assault III.


June 21

-Mason Olen Hensley, Alabaster, alias failure to appear.




June 25

-Robert Shane Thomas, 31, Quinton, Theft of property III.


June 26

-Margaret Lee Bradley, 36, Alabaster, Illegal possession of prescription drugs and alias warrant.


June 27

-Bencoma Lara Fermin, 39, Orosi, California, Driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Patrick Allen Hubbert, 28, Adamsville, Alias warrant.

-George Elias Papageorge, 49, Columbus, Georgia, Alias warrant and alias warrant.

-Heather Lynn Pressley, 22, Riverside, Failure to appear.

-Jeremy Randal Smith, 35, Birmingham, Alias warrant.


June 28

-Jose Alberto Bautista Guzman, 23, Pelham, Domestic violence III.

-Rachel Nicole Branum, 31, Huntsville Criminal littering.
-Mohamed Sidy Djalo, 18, Hoover, Alias warrant and alias warrant.

-Scott McKinley Gilbreath, 37, Guntersville, Interference with domestic violence emergency call and domestic violence-strangulation or suffocation.

-Kelly Dianne Neale, 49, Hartselle, Driving under the influence.


June 29

-Timothy Willis Fears, 30, Bimingham, Theft of property II.

-Clayton Samuel Self, 38, Pelham, Alias warrant.

-Alexander James Shaw, 33, Birmingham, Drivers license not in possession.

-Pamela Parker Sims, 51, Woodstock, Public intoxication.


June 30

-Elizabeth Nicole Barrett, 22, Thorsby, Alias warrant.

-Paul Artez Kimbrough, 27, Canter Point, Expired tag.

-Sylvester Simpson Thomas, 24, Bessemer, Alias warrant.


July 1

-Abigail Kate Colbaugh, 18, Pelham, unlawful possession of marijuana II and possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Shawn Anthony German, 23, Montgomery, Alias warrant.

-Tristan Michial Rose, 28, Maylene, Unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

-Hugh Daniel Schmidt, 19, Pelham, Unlawful possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

-John Michael Skaran, 23, Tuscaloosa, Alias warrant.