NCAA Division II announces “Make it Yours” campaign

Published 12:18 pm Thursday, July 9, 2015


INDIANAPOLIS – After months of research, design and membership feedback, the new NCAA Division II “Make It Yours” brand is set to launch.

As the division prepares to embark on the first year of the brand rollout, leaders hope NCAA Division II student-athletes and administrators will take ownership and pride in the new logo, and that key external audiences such as high school athletes, parents and coaches will gain a better, more positive understanding of NCAA Division II.

“From start to finish, Division II student-athletes have played a prominent role in the development and design of this brand enhancement process,” said Josh Looney, NCAA Division II Associate Director. “The ‘Make It Yours’ campaign will bring the Division II environment to life, highlighting the unique opportunities and collegiate experience Division II provides.”

University of Montevallo Athletic Director Mark Richard said the University is proud to adopt the “Make It Yours” slogan.

“We are excited about the new branding campaign,” Richard said. “The new ‘Make It Yours’ initiative appropriately describes the unique experience that a University of Montevallo student-athlete is part of at the NCAA Division II level.”

Kansas City marketing firm Blacktop Creative has been working on the final steps of the NCAA Division II brand enhancement since the NCAA Convention in January, where more than 500 student-athletes and administrators voted in favor of the slogan “Make It Yours” to replace the previous slogan, “I Chose Division II.” Once the wording was decided, Blacktop focused on the rest of the creative branding elements, including fonts, colors and photo treatments.

The firm, retained by NCAA Division II governance staff, presented multiple designs to NCAA Division II committees and councils, including the Presidents Council, Management Council and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and their feedback played a prominent role in the design process.

Fans, student-athletes and coaches are encouraged to utilize the hashtag #MakeItYours in communication through their favorite social media applications.