HBA: Huskies mean business!

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, September 2, 2015

By KRISTI SCOZZARO / Guest Columnist

As another school year starts up, community pride will begin to be felt throughout our great town.

One thing we all know is that all of us are proud to be Huskies!

We are proud to see our community grow, our children thrive in school whether academically or through sports.

There is no better way to show your pride in Helena than to be a business owner or, if that is not in your future, support your local businesses.

The Helena Business Association is not only invested in the businesses of Helena but also in our community.

The amount of pride local businesses place in being a part of our great community does not go unnoticed.

This pride is evident in the support shown to our schools, civic groups and athletic teams, and in the relationships local businesses have with the community.

That is one of the pluses of being a small town with a whole lot of pride.

Business Spotlight

Our business spotlight for the week is on Helena Health Club at 4766 County Road 52 in the central business district.

Terry Brazeale

Terry Brazeale

Helena Health Club is excited to be in Helena.

The club was founded by Terry Brazeale and his nephew Brandon in 2014.

Brandon Brazeale

Brandon Brazeale

Terry had previously opened a tiny gym in Hueytown in 1984 while coaching at McAdory High School.

Terry and Brandon loved the quaintness of the Helena community and are now thrilled to call Helena home.

Helena Health Club wants to help the community understand the importance of exercise and fitness and welcomes you to join them whether you are 13 or 95 years of age.

Terry and Brandon have seen the importance of fitness in improving quality of life for many years.

Terry had the privilege of having athletes like Bo Jackson, Russell Davis, Ken Griffey, Jr. and Macho Man Randy Savage use his facilities.

Terry said while it is an honor to have the professional athletes, it is just as big an honor for Bob, Bill, Mark, Kathy and you to trust him, and his staff, help you reach your personal goals.

Both Terry and Brandon, who will take over when Terry retires, believe that the gym is about building relationships and helping each person meet their individual goals, whatever they are.

Terry and Brandon love helping people better themselves.

I am proud to tell you that I am on a personal goal quest for my overall health, and I am thrilled that Helena Health Club is here in Helena to help and encourage me to achieve my goal.

The club offers something for everyone. There are classes, weights, exercise machines and great people to encourage you.

Childcare is even available, at certain times.

You can work out on your own, with a friend, take a class, or even take advantage of a personal trainer.

For additional information about joining the Helena Health Club, visit their web site or contact them at (205) 663-3612.

Author Kristi Scozzaro is the vice president of the Helena Business Association and with her husband, Emmanuel, owns Scozzaro Law, LLC in Old Town Helena. You can reach her at scozzarolaw@gmail.com.