Area provides many attracts for fall adventures

Published 3:00 pm Thursday, October 8, 2015

Falling leaves and lower temperatures signal the arrival of fall, and the area offers attractions for families. (Contributed)

Falling leaves and lower temperatures signal the arrival of fall, and the area offers attractions for families. (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Football, light jackets and sweaters, falling leaves, lower temperatures (mild 70s), more hearty cooking, festivals, Halloween and pumpkins are just a few changes that fall brings us.

I love them all. The crisp night and morning air on the back patio, the scampering of squirrels in the woods behind the house, the last tomatoes on the vines, a light quilt added to our summer bed covers, the shorter daylight hours (wait till you get old – you’ll know what I mean), the outside antics of grandchildren at play, soccer, football and an occasional trip out to eat and of course a quick trip to the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.

On trips to the mountains we usually go to the same places but seems we continue to enjoy all the beautiful vistas, decorations and ole timey displays, the cooler atmosphere, the Apple Farm, country roads and of course home-style cooking (a favorite is the Jarrett House).

Because we have grandchildren, I am also able to get my husband to the shopping outlets for those pre-Christmas bargains.

Sometimes just finding a great bargain or a new “eating joint” can be an adventure in itself.

Of course one does not have to go to the Smokies to enjoy festivals, fairs, scenery and fun.

Our area provides many attractions just made for that fall adventure.

With or without kids there are many places to see and things to do on just a day-trip.  Noccalula Falls, Mentone, dozens of beautiful golf courses, Scottsboro, shopping outlets and Homestead Hollow (just to name a few) can offer fresh air and a trip for little cost.

I think of fall as a grand finale of summer.

Everything is preparing to go into “slow gear” for winter and while we complain about this, that or the other, nature is busy planning for next spring and summer before we know it.

So, get up out of that recliner or let that laundry go tonight.

When we have 76 degrees and sunshine find something wonderful, special or awe-inspiring about this wonderful time of the year called autumn (or fall as we Southerners say).