Brasher: ‘Nursing has been my passion since childhood’

Published 4:47 pm Wednesday, November 11, 2015

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Emergency Room RN April Brasher has been employed at Shelby Baptist Medical Center since she completed her nursing degree.



She attended Jeff State Community College and Wallace Community College and graduated from Jacksonville State University with her bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Brasher has actually been at Shelby Baptist since 2004 when she finished high school.

She was a tech/secretary all through nursing school and luckily transitioned into a full-time RN job after completion of her school studies.

“I love taking care of people,” Brasher says. “Nursing has been my passion since childhood so I am doing what God has called me to do. I always try to smile and make my patients happy because I want them to know they are in the right place and in good hands.”

When asked about a “typical” day on the job, Brasher remarked that, “each day is different and the emergency room (night shift) has to be on their toes to make everything come together. Pain, grief and happy results are all a part of the Emergency Room scene. I love my job and know I am in the right place.”

Brasher is currently completing work on her GRE in order to receive her master’s degree.

Brasher’s son Aiden, age 11, attends Montevallo Elementary.

Brasher, her husband Chad and son attend Bethel Baptist Church in Pea Ridge.  They are looking forward to their participation in this year’s Christmas play.

The Brashers were married at Bethel in April of this year.

Her parents, Donna and Barry Harper, were married in this same church 37 years ago.

“I have a loving, prayerful family who has helped make me who I am today,” Brasher says. “My favorite things to do are of course being with my family and traveling. I also enjoy coordinating and directing weddings. I have loved weddings since I was 5 so anytime I get to help a girl make her dreams come true I jump at it.”

“Writing a book on what God did for me would be a dream come true,” she added. “God has given me a testimony of what He can do and I need to share it.”