Hoover police preparing for holiday rush

Published 12:27 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Hoover Police Department is preparing for the holiday shopping season, and safety tips are available on the department's website. (File)

The Hoover Police Department is preparing for the holiday shopping season, and safety tips are available on the department’s website. (File)

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

HOOVER—With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas fast approaching, the Hoover Police Department is preparing for the influx of traffic and shoppers that comes with the holiday season.

The Hoover Police Department will increase the number of officers on duty starting Thanksgiving Day, and the Hoover Police Mobile Command Center will be set up in the Costco parking lot near Galleria Boulevard, according to a Hoover Police Department news release.

“Those officers will saturate retail areas and busy intersections through the end of the year,” the release read.

Officers will be stationed near congested traffic areas to monitor traffic flow and, if necessary, make manual adjustments to ease congestion. The release said additional officers will focus on shopping centers “for increased police visibility and to ensure a safe shopping environment.”

It is also important to keep safety in mind during the busy holiday season. The Hoover Police Department’s website offers a variety of holiday crime prevention tips.

When shopping, the Hoover Police Department encourages civilians to shop in groups and to stay aware of surroundings.

Purses should be carried close and to the front of the body or clutched tightly under the arm. Purses should also not be worn over the shoulder or across the body, as this can cause serious injuries if a thief tries to snatch the purse. The Hoover Police Department also suggests using a fanny pack in place of a purse.

Parking lots are also a target for crime. The Hoover Police Department encourages shoppers to park “in a high visibility area with good lighting,” to avoid parking next to vehicles with dark tinted windows or other concealments and to scan the surroundings before exiting the vehicle.

The Hoover Police Departments suggests stowing valuables out of plain view, and the vehicle should be locked before being left in a parking lot.

For more holiday safety tips and other useful crime prevention information, visit Hooverpd.com/crime-prevention.php.