Tracey Hogan creates a scent of home with High Cotton Candle Company

Published 3:05 pm Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tracey Hogan stands with her candles at A La Mode boutique in the Lee Branch shopping center. (Reporter Photo / Molly Davidson)

Tracey Hogan stands with her candles at A La Mode boutique in the Lee Branch shopping center. (Reporter Photo / Molly Davidson)

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

NORTH SHELBY—Tracey Hogan has always loved animals, so when she got into the handmade candle business, naturally she decided to donate part of the proceeds to animal rescue efforts.

Hogan purchased High Cotton Candle Company in February from Karen Ingram, a fellow North Shelby woman, and quickly got to work growing the home business.

“I just needed to give back, that’s just in my DNA,” Hogan said. “With every candle sold, an animal is helped.”

The High Cotton Candle Company brand is inspired by life in the south. The hand-poured soy candles feature uniquely southern names and scents such as Sweet Home Alabama, Cotton Field and Welcome Y’all, which is a blend of vanilla with coffee undertones.

“Anytime you come to my house, I always have a pot of coffee brewing,” Hogan said of the inspiration behind the scent. “We’re steeped in tradition here… If my customers can take away a memory of something in their childhood, you can see their eyes light up, it is the best thing in the world.”

Along with the home-style scents, High Cotton Candle Company uses wood wicks.

“The wood wick is just southern, everyone loves to hear wood crackle,” Hogan said, noting the wood wick candles burn slowly and evenly.

Hogan is constantly working, using her creativity to create new scents, including seasonal fragrances, a more masculine Black Label line and special requests.

“I’ve had people come to me and say, ‘Hey! Can you recreate this scent,’” Hogan said. “I’ll sit there and smell it… you just have to know your ratios.”

Since jumping in to High Cotton Candle Company, Hogan has expanded the business from just a candle line to fragrances, room sprays and T-shirts. She also offers candles customized with monograms or Greek letters.

Hogan’s client base has grown with the company. High Cotton Candle Company candles can be found in boutiques around Shelby County, and Hogan has shipped online orders all over the world, from Taiwan to India. But she’s just getting started. Hogan said she hopes to continue building the business.

“It’s just an adventure, every day is an adventure,” Hogan said. “I’m doing what I love, it’s not even a job.”

High Cotton Candle Company can be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and at