Explore ‘beautiful locations’ on Yellow Trail

Published 12:40 pm Monday, January 4, 2016

The Yellow Trail is a nearly 7-mile trail with moderate inclines at Oak Mountain State Park. (Contributed)

The Yellow Trail is a nearly 7-mile trail with moderate inclines at Oak Mountain State Park. (Contributed)

By EMILY D. COOK / Community Columnist

The Yellow Trail, also known as the Foothills Trail, is approximately 7 miles long, running from the South Trailhead on Terrace Drive to the Campground. It is a gently rolling trail, with some moderate inclines in a few locations.

The Yellow Trail travels through some beautiful locations of Oak Mountain State Park.

Beginning at the South Trailhead on Terrace Drive, you will experience the distinguished hardwood bottoms and a few small stands of longleaf pine.

You might encounter turkey, deer or even a shy fox squirrel.

About 1 mile up the trail, you should come to the intersection of the Yellow and the trail that leads to the Alabama Wildlife Center or the Treetop Nature Trail, depending on which you choose to go. If you have time, take a detour to either one of these locations.

Continue hiking for about 3 miles and you will come to the area of the BMX track and Lake Tranquility Dam, which was built in the 1930s by the CCC and WPA.

From here, follow the trail around the lake for some pretty views.

You may even spy the old cabins from 1936-37 on top of the hill, many that are being restored by Boy Scouts.

Approximately 5 1/4 miles from the South Trailhead or 1 mile from the North Trailhead, you will come to Maggie’s Glen, a beautiful spot for a rest.

Nestled in a valley, sitting beside a stream, this little spot is popular for enjoying the solitude and nature.

Not too far from this location are the North Trailhead and the Campground.

Don’t want to walk the 7 miles one way? You are in luck. The Yellow Trail has several connector trails that can make a loop for you to get back to where you started from. If you want a short walk, start at the South Trailhead and walk to the Green Trail and it will take you back to Terrace Drive, or go a little farther and pick up the Treetop Nature Trail, see the birds and make your way back to the South Trailhead.

Get a trail map at the Gates, Park Office or Campground.

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