Simply fun: Mt Laurel’s Simply Infused offers cooking classes

Published 2:41 pm Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Aimee Bishop leads a class in the teaching kitchen above Simply Infused’s Mt Laurel storefront. (Contributed)

Aimee Bishop leads a class in the teaching kitchen above Simply Infused’s Mt Laurel storefront. (Contributed)

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

MT LAUREL—Tucked away on the corner of Olmsted Street, steps above the Simply Infused storefront, sits a cozy teaching kitchen fitted with a family-style table. The quaint space serves as a classroom for Simply Infused’s new series of cooking classes.

From “Simply Soups and Stews” to “Simply Savory,” the classes teach guests to make a variety of nutrient-rich meals in a fun, relaxed setting.

“We want to inspire people and to infuse life, health and happiness into their lives,” Aimee Bishop, chef instructor, said. “People laugh and cook and talk and eat.”

Bishop uses her experience from years as a magazine food editor to create fresh and delicious recipes for each class. Then, she takes participants through each recipe, step by step. During the class, guests enjoy each dish gathered around the classroom’s table.

In “Simply Simple,” Bishop took guests through a light and healthy menu, starting with a couscous salad, followed by lettuce wraps and a poppy seed fruit salad. Bishop also threw in something sweet: Light almond butter smoothies.

“It’s just so fresh,” Bishop said of the Simply Simple menu.

Next month, Bishop’s “Simply Sassy” will teach guests to create the perfect menu for a girls’ night out, including roasted beef crostini dressed with baklouti horseradish cream, arugula and balsamic; twice baked potato cakes loaded with sour cream, bacon, cheese, onion and garlic olive oil; mushrooms stuffed with cheese and herbs; and a dark chocolate mousse with dark chocolate balsamic, topped with espresso balsamic, fresh raspberries, mint and chocolate shavings.

Bishop has also created “Simply Super Bowl”—a new twist on Super Bowl favorites—and “Simply Supper,” which Bishop describes as weeknight meals that “don’t take forever, but are delicious.”

Bishop uses balsamics and olive oils that can be found at Simply Infused, along with a variety of other healthy ingredients.

“I teach them about the health benefits of the ingredients,” Bishop said. “It’s just God’s creation, it’s just the good stuff.”

The classes aren’t just enjoyable for guests, Bishop said she loves teaching and sharing the joy of cooking and food with others.

“Food, family, love and happiness all go together for me, because that’s how I grew up,” Bishop said. “I enjoy it because I feel like people are coming back to cooking…people are wanting to get back to the family table.”

Simply Infused is located at 11 Olmsted Street. For more information and a list of upcoming classes, visit