Reclassification update, football and basketball (maps included)

Published 11:52 am Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The 2016-18 reclassification has been released by the AHSAA. Look to see where your team will be for the next two years. (FIle)

The 2016-18 reclassification has been released by the AHSAA. Look to see where your team will be for the next two years. (FIle)

By BAKER ELLIS / Sports Editor


Link to 2016-18 Reclassification list included here


The 2016-18 reclassification structure has been released by the AHSAA as of the morning of Jan. 20. Per the AHSAA, “Classification is based on Average Daily Membership (ADM) figures furnished by the State Department of Education for the upper three grades plus all retained ninth grade students.”


Here is what you need to know for how the 2016-18 reclassification relates to Shelby County schools off the bat. More information to follow


Classification Changes

– Only three schools in the county have moved classes. Briarwood, Helena and Montevallo.

– Briarwood has moved from 6A down to 5A, where the Lions will have the eighth-largest enrollment out of 59 teams. It is important to note that because Briarwood is a private school it has its enrollment multiplied by 1.35.

– Helena has bumped up to 6A from 5A, and will be the 25th-largest 6A school in the state out of 59 teams. This should not come as that much of a shock to anyone in the Helena community.

– Montevallo has bumped down a class and will compete in 3A for the next two years at least. The Bulldogs enrollment of 293.55 will make them the fifth-largest 3A school in the state out of 59 schools. In the 2014-16 alignment, Montevallo was the fourth-smallest 4A school.


Classification by Numbers

– There was speculation that more teams would be moved into the 7A classification, but the number of 7A teams stayed at 32. Still included in the 7A class are Spain Park, Oak Mountain and Mountain Brook.

– 6A will have 59 teams. Chelsea will be the largest 6A school in the county and the 17th largest in the state with an enrollment of 899.75.

– Pelham stayed in 6A, but just barely. The Panthers will be the 10th-smallest 6A school in the state.



Football region breakdowns

Maps and Region breakdowns can be found here



– Oak Mountain, Spain Park and Thompson will now all compete in the same region. The three 7A Shelby County schools will be in Region 3 alongside Hoover, Huffman, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills and Tuscaloosa County.



– Helena, Chelsea and Pelham will now all play in Region 3 in Class 6A. The three teams will be in a seven-team region with Benjamin Russell, Chilton County, Opelika and Wetumpka. Helena is the only school in the county to move up a class.



– Calera will move from Region 4 to Region 3. However the Eages region will still include Demopolis, Central Tuscaloosa, Sumter Central, Dallas County and Jemison. Doormat Wilcox Central will however move out of the Eagles region.

– Shelby County is staying in 5A, but the Wildcats region looks completely different. There is not one similarity between Shelby County’s previous region and this one, as the Wildcats are the southern-most team in Region 5 by a wide margin. In Shelby County’s new football region will be Briarwood, Fairfield, Moody, Pleasant Grove, Saint Clair County, Wenonah and Woodlawn.



-Montevallo’s new region spreads out over six counties, tied for the most in the classification. The Bulldogs will be in a class with Gordo, American Christian, Carbon Hill, Green County, Midfield and Oakman. Goro and American Christian both had good football seasons in 2015, and it will be interesting to see whether or not the Bulldogs’ newfound football success will continue in its new lower classification.



– Vincent is the westernmost team and second northernmost team in its new region in 2A, Region 5. The only holdover from Vincent’s old classification is Fayetteville. The Yellow Jackets new classification includes Horeshoe Bend, LaFayette, Lanett, Ranburne, Reeltown and Woodland.



Basketball area breakdowns

Maps and Area breakdowns can be found here


– Oak Mountain is leaving Area 5 and joining Area 6, which is tough news for the Eagles, because Area 6 is retaining Spain Park and Mountain Brook. After the 2016-17 season when Austin Wiley and Jamal Johnson are no longer in Jaguar uniforms, the terrain will not be as bleak for Oak Mountain, but for the 2015-16 season, the Eagles cannot be thrilled with that draw.

– Thompson will stay in Area 5 along with Hoover. The only change in its region is Vestavia Hills comes over to Area 5 from Region 6, switching with Oak Mountain.



– The three 6A schools for 2016-18 – Chelsea, Helena and Pelham, will make up 6A Area 8. There will be 16 areas in the new 6A basketball structure, and Area 8 is one of only six areas with just three teams. This is big news for Pelham, as the Panthers will no longer be in the same area as either Homewood or John Carroll Catholic.



– Calera will still be in the same area as Jemison, but Dallas County and Marbury will replace Helena and Central Tuscaloosa as the other two schools in the new Area 6.

– Briarwood and Shelby County will make up the new Area 8 along with Moody and Sylacauga. The Wildcats remained in Area 8 from the previous classification structure, as did Sylacauga. Moody will be the fourth team in that area.



– Montevallo will be the northernmost team in the new 3A Area 5 by a wide margin. The Bulldogs will be in the same area as Montgomery Academy, Prattville Christian and Southside Selma. As with football, Montevallo is experiencing a banner year in basketball this season. It will be interesting to keep an eye on how the Bulldogs handle their new area, as Montgomery Academy is currently one of the top 3A schools in the state.

– Indian Springs School will also compete in 3A and will be in the same area as Holy Family, Midfield and Fultondale. Springs, like Briarwood, is a private school and has its enrollment multiplied by 1.35



– Vincent’s new region will look completely different. The Yellow Jackets got the short, or rather long, end of the stick in terms of travel with their new area alignment. They are the westernmost school in the new three-team Area 10, which will consist of Ranburne and Woodlawn.



– The smallest school in the county, Westminster at Oak Mountain, will now compete in 1A Area 8 along with Cornerstone, Sumiton Christian, Shades Mountain and Jefferson Christian.