Numerous streetlights to be installed in Helena

Published 12:53 pm Friday, January 29, 2016

Numerous streets and roadways in Helena will be upgraded with new streetlights to improve safety. (File)

Numerous streets and roadways in Helena will be upgraded with new streetlights to improve safety. (File)

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

HELENA–In an effort to maintain Helena’s reputation as one of the safest cities in the state, the Helena City Council approved a project that would replace numerous streetlights around the city.

Helena City Councilman Mike Jones has been an advocate of seeing which areas of the city have needs for new streetlights.

“This is phase two of the ongoing city street light project we’ve been working on since we took office in 2012,” said Jones. “We completed phase one after that first year of service and we’re basically going through all of the major roadways in the city, county and state roads, and looking at areas within the city that need lighting without being overbearing.”

Jones provided a list of the streets and roadways in Helena where streetlights will be replaced, but also said some of the locations may change or be deleted from the list as engineers evaluate poles and transformers.

The following is a list of locations where replacements will take place:

  • Shelby County 261 at Walgreens, Avadian Bank and Penhale Lane.
  • Shelby County 91 at Little Caesars.
  • Shelby County 17 at Coosa Mart
  • Roy Drive and Shelby County 58.
  • Moss Bend Entrance.
  • A location on Townhouse Road.
  • 100 block of Third Street.
  • First and Second Avenue West.
  • 1600 block of Cunningham Drive.
  • First Avenue East at Lee Apartments.
  • 4000 block of Rolling Mill Street.
  • 800 block of Shelby County 52 East.
  • Two locations on Roy Drive.
  • Two locations on Adams Street.
  • Three locations on Dearing Downs Drive.
  • Two locations on Bridlewood Drive.
  • 2000 block of Pup Run.
  • 2300 block of Kala Street.
  • 1900 block of Lakeland Trail.
  • McQueen Drive.
  • 300 block of Rollingmill Street.
  • 500 block of Fieldstone Drive.
  • 8000 block of Shelby County 13.
  • Shelby County 13 and city limits.
  • Two locations on Shelby County 93

The list also includes a number of different locations along Shelby County 52 West where new poles need to be installed.

“This is not necessarily upgrading lights that we have, but the majority of these are installing new lights,” said Jones. “There are a few subdivision lights included in these areas but they’re really on this list in areas that have a safety concern or need to be installed for traffic reasons to light up a main intersection or roadway.”