Bearden Road property rezoned for garden homes

Published 7:26 pm Monday, February 1, 2016


The townhome district across from Pelham High School off Bearden Road is rezoned to a garden home district after a decision by the City Council Feb. 1. (File)

By JESSA PEASE / Staff Writer

PELHAM— After a decision by the Pelham City Council, the property located across from Pelham High School at County Road 105 is now zoned as a Garden Home District.

The City Council held a public hearing at its Feb. 1 meeting related to the decision and unanimously approved the change. The property, consisting of about 56 acres, was originally zoned as an R-T Residential Townhouse District.

J.R. Adams of Highpointe Properties told the City Council that the development on the property would consist of about 125 homes with price points in the low $200,000s. Most of the proposed slab lots as well as some lots with basements, which could reach the $300,000s.

The proposed entrance of the development would be off Bearden Road, according to Adams. He said the plan is to conduct a traffic study once the zoning is taken care of, and they anticipate interacting with the city and county as far as traffic.

“I am excited to see additional development in town,” said City Council President Rick Hayes. “It’s exciting to see people who are excited about Pelham again.”

Pelham’s Planning Commission unanimously approved the change in zoning during its Jan. 14 meeting after City Engineer Jesse Jowers told the commission that the change would lower the density of units on the hill.

Based on the property’s proximity to Pelham High School, Jowers said the lower density would likely be a good thing for that area. City Council President Rick Hayes and Pelham Mayor Gary Waters said they agreed with Jowers’ comments.

“You are moving in the direction that reduces the density you wouldn’t want to have,” Hayes said. “In my opinion, you wouldn’t want to have townhouses or apartments anywhere that close. Going to an R-G zoning…it’s probably a much better solution than anything what the zoning is today.”

The City Council also,

–       Reviewed a draft ordinance related to ride-sharing opportunities.

–       Discussed salary and benefits for the next mayor and city council members.

–       Discussed the qualification fee for candidates in the 2016 municipal election.

–       Approved a special use permit for Verizon Wireless for co-location on an existing tower facility located at 7700 Helena Road.