Planning Commission approves Grey Oaks Sector 3

Published 11:10 am Friday, February 12, 2016

The Pelham Planning Commission discusses Sector 3 of the Grey Oaks development at the Dec. 10, 2015, meeting. (File)

The Pelham Planning Commission discusses Sector 3 of the Grey Oaks development at the Dec. 10, 2015, meeting. (File)

By JESSA PEASE / Staff Writer

PELHAM— The preliminary plat for Sector 3 of the Grey Oaks development, a 32-lot project, can move forward after approval by the Pelham Planning Commission Feb. 11.

This issue was tabled at the commission’s Dec. 10, 2015, meeting related to a list of about 24 items that needed to be addressed by the developers and an issue related to the construction of a new fire station.

The Grey Oaks project was originally brought before the Planning Commission in 2005. The primary plat sector 1 project, which was approved by the commission Aug. 11, 2005, stated that the developer would build a fire station with a police room and purchase a fire truck.

The original developer is no longer involved with the project, and the new group involved with the project did not want to build a fire station or buy a fire truck, according to minutes from the Sept. 19, 2013 commission meeting.

Pelham City Council President Rick Hayes presented a new plan to the Planning Commission at the Feb. 11 meeting.

“Related to this agreement, the one thing that the Grey Oaks Properties can commit to is their percentage of what they can do related to the fire station,” Hayes said. “So what we’ve been working through is what was reasonable to do on that.”

Because the Sector 3 plat would be in what Pelham Fire Chief Danny Ray refers to as a “dead zone,” or an area not within five miles of any fire station, the developmental agreement states that all related parties agree that a fire station in the vicinity would enhance the safety of residents and keep insurance rates lower.

Therefore, Hayes said the agreement would require Grey Oaks Properties to pay Pelham $1,000 from each lot sold in the development and all other lots sold by Grey Oaks in the future that are included in the Grey Oaks Master Plan.

The total payments would be capped at $225,000, and Pelham would utilize the fund for the construction of a fire station within three miles of the development, according to Hayes.

The land that was previously promised to the city for the fire station near the entrance of the subdivision will either be donated to Pelham, or a property of similar value will be donated to the city.

The proceeds of the parcel will be used for the fire station, according to Hayes.

“We’ve been looking at optimum solutions all across the board,” Hayes said. “So finding a way where we can do something that is good for the Grey Oaks residents— all current and future Grey Oaks residents, having a fire station that’s closer— (and) getting some funding to build a new fire station to do that.”