Shelby elementary students visit McWane Science Center

Published 1:52 pm Friday, February 19, 2016

Shelby Elementary School students experiment with giant bubbles at the McWane Science Center. (Contributed)

Shelby Elementary School students experiment with giant bubbles at the McWane Science Center. (Contributed)

By JESSA PEASE / Staff Writer

BIRMINGHAM— Third and fourth grade students at Shelby Elementary School were in for a special treat Feb. 13 as they explored the displays at the McWane Science Center in Birmingham.

“They had a really good time,” said third grade teacher Chrissy Shaler. “We had a lot of chaperones so we had a lot of small groups to go around. They were able to explore a lot with their friends.”

Among some of the highlight of the day were the Bubble Room, the High Cycle and the Shark and Ray Touch Tank, according to Shaler. She said the bubbles activity was something the third-graders enjoyed most of all.

“I think they are able to learn their own way,” Shaler said. “They are able to experiment and try their own way. I think it’s great for those students who are hands on learners.”

It was also a treat for the chaperones, according to Shaler. She said there were so many chaperones that each group was small with about three students, so the parents got to spend the whole day watching and interacting with their child.

The day included an IMAX viewing of “Ocean Oasis” as well. The film takes students through the Mexico’s Sea of Cortés and the Baja California desert.

The third grade students are about to start a unit on plant habitats, which worked in with the “Ocean Oasis” film, according to Shaler. The fourth-graders are studying electricity, so she said the McWane Center incorporated everyone’s curriculum.

This was the first time Shelby Elementary School students have visited the science center in a while, Shaler said. The third and fourth grade teachers decided the students needed a fun, hands-on day.

Shaler said her favorite part of the day was interacting with all the kids and experimenting with them. She said she enjoyed being more laid back with her students and watching them break out of their shell.

“It was just such a successful day and they had so much fun,” she said. “I think we’ll try to do it again next year.”