Chelsea COP honored at 17th awards meeting

Published 11:58 am Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The following is a list of COP members who received awards:

•Perfect meeting attendance in 2015 – Pat McDanal, John Peacock, Mike Cooley, Bill Robertson and Hoyt Picklesimer.

•150 patrol hours in 2015 – Jay Jerman, Alicia Johnson, Donald Shirley, Pat McDanal, Mavis Efferson, Joe Murphy, Dale Neuendorf, Martha Coffey, Mike Cooley, Patricia Hipps, Joel Dauber, Roberta Dauber, Bill Robertson, Jim Powers, Jim Thornton, Hoyt Picklesimer, Jess Rawls, Robert Bush and Robert Everett.

•1,000-plus hours of patrol time since joining the program – Jay Jerman, Alicia Johnson, Bill Weldon, Eddie Huggins, Sallie Williams, Donald Shirley, Pat McDanal, Rod Jones, Mavis Efferson, Joe Murphy, Dale Neuendorf, Mike Cooley, Martha Coffey, Matt Mellen, Joel Dauber, Bill Robertson and Roberta Dauber.

•Program Growth Award for 2015 (for recruiting and training new members) – Recruiters: Donald Shirley for recruiting John Sandridge, Eddie Burchfield, Richard Mauldin and Gail Owen; Alicia Johnson for recruiting Gail Owen; Jay Jerman for recruiting John Ed Andrews; Patricia Hipps for recruiting Robert Bush and Donald Robinson; Martha Coffey for recruiting Robert Everett; Bill Robertson for recruiting David Cheek; Robert Everett for recruiting Donald Lemley; John Sandridge for recruiting Frances Irene; Jess Rawls for recruiting Dominique Dubois; Hoyt Picklesimer for recruiting Dominique Dubois. Trainers: Bill Robertson (2) for training John Sandridge, Eddie Burchfield, Dominique Dubois and Robert Bush; Jess Rawls for training John Ed Andrews; Martha Coffey (2) for training Robert Bush, Robert Everett and Frances Irene; Patricia Hipps for training Robert Everett and Frances Irene; John Peacock for training David Cheek; Robert Everett for training Donald Lemley; Pat McDanal for training Gail Owen; Donald Shirley for training Donald Robinson and Richard Mauldin.

•New members who have completed their Phase 2 training in 2015 – John Sandridge, No. 89; Eddie Burchfield, No. 91; John Ed Andrews, No. 93; Robert Bush, No. 94; Robert Everett, No. 95; David Cheek, No. 96; Don Lemley, No. 97; Richard Mauldin, No. 98; Frances Irene, No. 99; Donald Robinson, No. 100; Dominique Dubois, No. 101; and Gail Owen, No. 102.

•Special, one-time award for 100th member – Donald Robinson.

•Members who have prepared 10 or more incident reports for 2015 – Sallie Williams (10), Donald Shirley (10), Dale Neuendorf (10), John Peacock (10), Joe Murphy (12), Hoyt Picklesimer (12), Jess Rawls (12), Robert Bush (12), Bill Robertson (14), Jim Powers (15), Joel Dauber (16), Roberta Dauber (19), Mike Cooley (19) and Pat McDanal (23).

•Five-Year Service Recognition Award – Matt Mellen, No. 74, whose in-service date is April 20, 2010; and Joel Dauber, No. 77, whose in-service date is Nov. 12, 2010.

•Ten-Year Service Recognition Award – Joe Murphy, whose in-service date is Oct. 31, 2005.

•Presidential Service Awards – These are awarded each year at year end and are based on total volunteer hours since joining the program. The award is a collar pin and a certificate signed by the president of the United States. COP members wear the pin on the right collar point of their white dress uniform shirts.

The bronze pin representing 100-249 volunteer hours was awarded to John Ed Andrews, Dominique Dubois, Robert Everett, Robert Bush and Linda Powers.

The silver pin representing 250-499 volunteer hours was awarded to Jess Rawls, Hoyt Picklesimer and Jim Powers.

The gold pin representing 500-plus volunteer hours was awarded to Brenda Perkins, Dale Neuendorf, Jay Jerman (replacement), Joe Murphy, John Devenyns, Matt Mellen, Patricia Hipps and Jim Thornton.

The lifetime pin representing 4,000-plus volunteer hours are awarded to Bill Weldon (5,213 – replacement) and Donald Shirley (4,594 hours).

•Members whose patrol activity resulted in a significant contribution to an arrest in 2015 (awarded by Shelby County Sheriff John Samaniego) – John Devenyns, No. 72, and Matt Mellen, No. 74.

•Rookie of the Year Award for 2015 (presented by City Councilman Dale Neuendorf) – Jess Rawls and Hoyt Picklesimer.

•Volunteer of the Year Award for 2015 (presented by Mayor Earl Niven) – Mike Cooley.