Employees keep park functioning

Published 3:49 pm Wednesday, February 24, 2016

By EMILY D. COOK / Community Columnist

Did you know that there are many people that keep Oak Mountain State Park running for you to be able to enjoy?

Our front gate is staffed 24-7 to allow day visitors entry as well as cabin and campground guests to have access to their lodging after the park is closed.

Oak Mountain State Park has many employees that operate the park's many areas available for guests to enjoy. (Contributed)

Oak Mountain State Park has many employees that operate the park’s many areas available for guests to enjoy. (Contributed)

The farm has one full-time staff member and several volunteers to keep the animals fed and happy to see children when they come to visit.

Oak Mountain boarding stables also has one full-time employee and a few volunteers to feed the boarded horses.

The golf course has several employees to run the pro shop to make sure you get all your golfing needs taken care of, as well as start at the right hole on the course.

Golf course maintenance maintains the holes and greens of the golf course, so that golfers can have a great course to play on.

Park maintenance has approximately 13 employees that work hard on a daily basis to maintain buildings, cut grass throughout the park, pick up trash and many other tasks that keep the park functioning.

The park office has a staff of seven people, including the park superintendent, accounting, reservations to handle cabin and pavilion rentals, the park naturalist who offers field trips and educational programming, and events coordinator who can help you set up a race or other large event.

Our campground has a handful of full-time employees and several volunteers that run the camp store to handle reservations and check-ins, as well as maintain the camp sites in the campground.

The three housekeepers work hard to keep the cabins looking great for your stay in the park.

The back gate staff is on hand to rent out fishing boats and sell the fishing supplies you need when you come to visit.

Park rangers are on duty daily to keep visitors to Oak Mountain State Park safe.

The next time you come to Oak Mountain State Park and enjoy your visit, take a moment to thank a park employee.

Please remember that you keep Alabama State Parks open by visiting them. Thank you for your support.