Sheriff’s reports for the week of March 30, 2016

Published 11:06 am Thursday, March 31, 2016

The following are incident and offense reports from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office March 11-15, 2016:

March 11

-Reckless endangerment from 200 block of Nottingham Drive, Calera (highway/street).

-Domestic investigation from 2000 block of Massey Road, Alabaster (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous information from US 145, Shelby (highway/street).

-Harassing communications from 0 block of Maplecrest Road, Westover (residence/home).

-Harassing communications from 4000 block of US 71, Shelby (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from 18000 block of US 145, Shelby (residence/home).

-Domestic investigation from 100 block of Chelsea Station Drive, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Burglary from 4900 block of Meadow Brook Way, Birmingham (residence/home). Stolen was various jewelry valued at $20,400 and a television valued at $800.

-Theft of property from 5400 block of US 280 (parking lot/garage).

-Theft of property from 7000 block of US 71, Shelby (residence/home). Stolen were various car parts valued at $1,750.

-Rape from 600 block of Emerald Trace, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Perjury from Shelby County Courthouse, Columbiana (other/unknown).

-Unlawful possession of marijuana from 2400 block of Forest Lakes Lane, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Shooting into occupied building from 6900 block of US 28, Columbiana (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 600 block of Morning Sun Drive, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Harassing communications from 100 block of Salisbury Lane, Birmingham (residence/home).

March 12

-Miscellaneous information from 1800 block of 6th Avenue, Birmingham (other/unknown).

-Domestic investigation from 3500 block of Chickering Circle, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Harassment from 11000 block of US 61, Wilsonville (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from 3000 block of Keystone Drive, Birmingham (other/unknown).

-Public intoxication from 7000 block of County Road 51, Chelsea (parking lot/garage).

-Property damage from 300 block of Hebb Road, Wilsonville (field/woods).

-Domestic investigation form 100 block of Christy Drive, Shelby (residence/home).

-Violation of domestic violence from 100 block of 1st Avenue, Shelby (residence/home).

-Domestic investigation from Paradise Circle, Shelby (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 100 block of Solomon Drive, Wilsonville (residence/home).

-Harassing communications from 11000 block of US 42, Shelby (restaurant).

-Domestic violence from 300 block of US 50, Vandiver (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 0 block of Shady Trail, Alabaster (residence/home).

-Fraudulent use of a credit card from 1600 block of Montclair Road, Birmingham (department store). Stolen was US Currency valued at $405.


March 13

-Missing person from Kinnebrew Drive, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Driving under the influence of alcohol from US 26, Columbiana (highway/street).

-Domestic investigation from 600 block of US 308, Shelby (residence/home).

-Domestic investigation from 0 block of Christy Drive, Shelby (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from 500 block of US 405, Shelby (residence/home).

-Minor in consumption from US 280, Birmingham (highway/street).

-Domestic investigation from 5100 block of Kirkwall Lane, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Juvenile runaway from 100 block of Calumet Drive, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 500 block of Stone Crest Drive, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 0 block of Solomon Drive, Wilsonville (residence/home).

March 14

-Miscellaneous incident from 4800 block of Keith Drive, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Theft of property from 1200 block of County Road 43, Vandiver (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 1000 block of Crawford Court, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Menacing from 2000 block of US 46, Shelby (residence/home).

-Receiving stolen property from 500 block of Chelsea Crossroads, Chelsea (parking lot/garage).

-Assault from 6900 block of US 47, Shelby (residence/home).

-Fraudulent use of debit/credit card from 4600 block of US 280, Birmingham (Stolen was US Currency valued at $304.

-Burglary III From 0 block of Merrell Lane, Shelby (residence/home). Stolen were two doors and frames valued at $600.

-Domestic violence from 2000 block of US 46, Shelby (residence/home).

-Harassment from Caldwell Mill Road, Birmingham (school/college).

-Miscellaneous incident from 1800 block of Heatherbrooke Road, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from 8600 block of US 10, Montevallo (residence/home).

-Property damage from Bent Pine Drive, Helena (highway/street).

March 15

-Miscellaneous incident from 16000 block of US 280, Chelsea (highway/street).

-Agency assist from 4200 block of US 61, Columbiana (residence/home).

-Death investigation from 300 block of Brothers Avenue, Wilsonville (residence/home).

-Theft of property from 6900 block of US 47, Shelby (residence/home). Stolen was a Mercedes 300 valued at $633.47.

-Sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old from 2600 block of Drennen Place, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Identity theft from 3000 block of Bradford Place, Birmingham (other/unknown).

-Domestic investigation from 3000 block of Indian Lake, Birmingham (residence/home).