Sheriff’s reports for the week of April 6, 2016

Published 12:36 pm Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The following are uniform incident and offense reports from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office from March 21-27:

March 21

-Death Investigation 5900 Block of South Shades Crest Rd. Bessemer (Residence/Home)

-Civil Dispute 1800 Block Vestavia Hills(Residence/Home)

-Property Damage 2100 Block of Hwy 311 (Highway/Street)

-Domestic Investigation 200 Block Hwy 416, Wilsonville(Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident U.S Hwy 280 W @ Hwy 51 Sterrett (Highway/Street)

-Theft of Property 15000 Block Hwy 55 N Sterrett (Residence/Home)

-Receiving Stolen Property 3200 Block of Garden Ln, Birmingham (Residence/Home)

-Death Investigation Oak Mountain Lodge 5429 Hwy 280 Rm 400 Birmingham (Hotel/ Motel)

-Harassing Communications 200 block Four J Rd. Chelsea

-4600 Block Hwy 280 Birmingham (Conv. Store)

-Theft of Property 1600 U.S Hwy 280 Chelsea (Specialty Store)

-Permitting Dogs to Run at large 300 Block of Murray Dr. Montevallo (Residence/Home)


March 22

-Domestic Violence (Harassment) Shelby Forest Ln Chelsea(Residence/Home)

-Domestic Violence (Harassment) Shelby Forest Ln Chelsea (Residence/Home)

-Domestic Investigations 200 Block of Calumet Dr. Birmingham (Residence/Home) (Highway/Street)

-Misc. Information (Fight) 2300 Block Hwy 39 Chelsea (School/College)

-Leaving Scene of Accident 16000 Block of US 280 Chelsea (Parking Lot/Garage)

-Property Damage Hwy 280 At Eagle Point Birmingham( Highway/ Street)

-Domestic Investigation 5500 Block Hwy 208 Suite 306 Hwy 280 Birmingham (Commercial)

-Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle 10000 Block Hwy 11 Chelsea (School/College)

-Permitting Dogs To Run At Lang 3000 Block of Hwy 311(Highway/Street)

-Willful abuse of children under 18 600 Block of Phillips Dr. Vincent (Residence/Home)

-Identity Theft 5100 Block of Cahaba Valley Rd Birmingham (Residence/Home)

-Domestic Violence (Harassment) 2300 Block of Inverness Lane Birmingham (Residence/Home)


March 23

-UPOM 2nd Hwy 280 Chelsea Chevron Chelsea (Parking Lot/ Garage)

-Criminal Mischief 200 Block Hawthorn St Birmingham

-Use of Force Resort Co Rd 407 Wilsonville (highway/street)

-Harassment Alexandria Rd. Leeds (Residence/Home)

-D.U.I Attempting to Elude Hwy 145 Shelby (highway/street)

-Identity Theft 100 Block of Fawn Meadows Lane Wilsonville(Residence/Home)

-Illegal possession of prescription medication5400 Block Hwy 280 Birmingham (Residence/Home)

-Domestic Violence (Harassment) 5100 Block Hwy 28 Columbiana (Residence/Home)

-Theft of Property 16937 Hwy 280 Chevron Chelsea (Service/Gas Station)

-Theft of Property 100 Block Washington St Columbiana (School/College)

-Private Property Accident 200 Block of Wire Rd. (Parking Lot/ Garage)

March 24

-Harassing Communications 4300 Block of Ashington Dr. (Parking Lot/Garage)

-Death Investigations 2000 Block of Timber Ln, Alabaster (Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident (property damage) 10000 Block CR 11 Chelsea (highway/street)

-Miscellaneous Incident 5300 Block of US 280 (commercial)

-Harassment 9000 Block U.S 280 Hwy Chelsea (Restaurant)

-Miscellaneous Incident 200 Block Fairbank Lane Chelsea (Residence/Home)

-Abandoned Vehicle 9600 Block of Highway 280 (Highway/Street)

-DUI Driving W/Suspended Brothers Ave Hebb Rd Wilsonville (Highway/Street)

-Miscellaneous Information 200 Block Hwy 146 Wilsonville (Residence/Home)

-Burglary Jade Shane Shelby (Residence/Home)

-Burglary 1300 Block of Brook Highland Lane Birmingham (Residence/Home)

-Theft of Property 4600 Block of US 280 (Highway/Street)

-Theft of property 1000 Block Emerald Cirlce Birmingham (Residence/Home)

-Fraudulent Use Credit Card 500 Block Wallace Dr. Shelby (Residence/Home)

-Theft of Property (Firearm) 8100 Block of Stonecrest Drive (Parking Lot/ Garage)

-Domestic Violence (Trespass) 2000 Block of Fairbanks Circle Chelsea (Residence/Home)

-Identity Theft Unknown Georgia (Other/Unknown)

-Domestic Violence 3rd Harassment 900 Block Brookhighland Lane Birmingham (Residence/Home)

-Theft of Property 2300 Block of Lakeside Dr. (commercial)

-Misc Information Unknown Location (Other/Unknown)

-Domestic Violence Harassment 2900 block of Riverwood Terrance Birmingham (Residence/Home)

-Domestic Violence (Harassing Communications) 3000 Block of Lullwater Road Birmingham (Residence/Home)


March 25

-Miscellaneous Incident 500 block of Alexandria Rd Leeds (Residence/Home)

-Domestic Violence Harassment 100 block of Linewood Rd Birmingham (Residence/Home)



March 26

-Domestic Violence – Assault 200 block of highland view dr. Birmingham (Residence/Home)

-Unlawful possession of Marijuana 5500 Block Double Oak Lane Birmingham (Parking Lot/ Garage)

-Theft of Property Blk of Simpson Rd Wilsonville (Residence/Home)


– Unlawful possession of Marijuana East Inverness Pkwy/280 Hwy Birmingham


-Domestic Violence Hunters Lane Vandiver (Residence/Home)


March 27

-Domestic Violence 300 Block Hwy 77 Columbiana (Residence/Home)

-Domestic Violence (Harassment) 300 Block of Hwy 77 Columbiana (Residence/Home)

-Public Intoxication Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Hwy 22 /Calera Middle School Calera


-Domestic Violence Criminal Mischief 100 Block Hwy 310 Calera (Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident 1000 Block of Edgewater Ln Chelsea (Residence/Home)

-Missing Persons 100 Block Kinnebrew Dr Chelsea (Restaurant)

-DUI 100 Block of Brantley Lake Rd Maylene (Highway/Street)