Arrests for the week of May 18, 2016

Published 4:23 pm Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The following individuals were arrested by municipal police departments from May 4- May 11, 2016:




May 4

-Benjamin Andrew Butera, 41, Homewood, bail jumping II.

-Van Allen Neff, 63, McCalla, alias writ of arrest.


May 5

-Dave Dwayne Stallworth, 35, Birmingham, alias writ of arrest.

-Eusebio Magallon Avalos, 51, driving under the influence of alcohol.


May 6

-Rafael Myric Good, 20, Pelham, driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Chace Weldon Burnette, 28, Maylene, alias writ of arrest.

-Morry Derell Green, 27, Calera, domestic violence III.


May 7

-Jarrett Lloyd Smith, 32, Calera, possession of marijuana II.


May 8

-David Lopez-Gutierrez, 34, Alabaster, driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Christopher Devin Carmack, 22, Center Pointe, driving while license suspended.

-Tammy Darlene Sherrill, 44, Clanton, failure to display insurance.


May 9

-Danny Parnell, 60, Pelham, harassment.


May 10

-Timothy Scott Lowery, 55, Maylene, alias writ of arrest.

-Patrick Lee Reynolds, 30, Bessemer, alias writ of arrest.

-Joseph Arthur Clark, 40, Alabaster, alias writ of arrest.

-Justin Lanier Williams-Hall, 21, Pelham, failure to comply.

-Thomas Albert Robichieaux, 77, Wilsonville, alias writ of arrest.


May 11

-Austin Cline McCarver, 19, Mobile, possession of drug paraphernalia.



May 3

-Kirstie Payne, 39, Brierfield, failure to appear.


May 4

-Amanda Knight, 36, Jemison, failure to appear

-Scott Sherlock, 38, Birmingham, possession of a controlled substance-heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Amanda Ward, 33, Columbiana, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Tyler Woerner, 23, Montevallo, public intoxication.


May 5

-Tabitha Cohron, 24, Jemison, alias writ of arrest.

-Stephen Holsomback, 26, Montevallo, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Justin Little, 36, Jemison, court commitment order.

-Nalda Smith, 49, Chelsea, agency assist.


May 6

-Morry Green, 27, Calera, agency assist.

-Jason Harris, 35, Calera, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana I.

-Michael Langston, 39, Calera, failure to appear.

-Nathaniel Reed, 32, Shelby, domestic violence III.


May 8

-Rodney Harris, 52, Calera, using false identity to obstruct justice and attempting to elude a police officer.

-Sampson Davis, 28, Montgomery, possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana II.


May 9

-Jason Bates, 42, Beatrice, theft of property IV.

-Rodney Harris, 52, Calera, agency assist.

-Megan Sewell, 21, Calera, domestic violence III.

-Matthew Garrett, 34, Clanton, theft of property IV.


May 10

-Corey Jones, 26, Hoover, distribution of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana II, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest.


May 1

-Sidney Maurice Yowe, 53, Leeds, agency assist.

-Brian Gregory Sparks, 44, Calera, domestic violence III.

-Eric Dakota Wood, 25, Columbiana, theft of property III.





April 28

–Eric Dewayne Billings, Helena, parole violation.


April 29

–Tonya Denise Rainey, Pelham, failure to appear.


May 1

–Rodricka Augusta Duncan, Birmingham, parole violation.


May 2

–Nicholas Alexander Mosby, Birmingham, bail jumping II.


May 3

–Damian Lamar Jackson, Bessemer, Manslaughter and distribution of a controlled substance.


May 5

–Carlton Davis, Birmingham, failure to appear.

–Allison Armistead, Helena.


May 6

–Robert Paul Singleton, Helena, bail jumping II.


May 9

–Michael Duane Curl, Clanton, failure to appear.

–Thomas William Anderson, Birmingham, probation violation.

–Roger Keith Preston, Pleasant Grove, warrant arrest for outside agency.


May 10

–Christopher Ti’ron Brown, Helena, possession of marijuana I.



May 3

-Jeromy Dean, 38, Alex City, alias warrant

-Phililip Laney, 50, Pelham, alias warrant

-Carrie Pate, 35, Shelby, alias warrant

-Jack Phillips, 65, Pelham

-Demetrius Walker, 33, Hoover, two counts of alias warrant

Derrayl Walker, 30, Bessemer, alias warrant


May 4

-Jeremy Barker, 40, Montevallo, alias warrant

-Victor Littleton, 47, Birmingham, expired tag and driving while suspended

-Mark Vizzina, 51, Hoover, alias warrant


May 5

-Kellie Cannon, 27, Birmingham, two counts of alias warrant

-Nalda Smith, 50, Chelsea, alias warrant


May 6

-Leisa Desimone, 59, Pelham, DUI-influence of alcohol

-Deodtre Doss, 22, Birmingham, three counts of alias warrant

-Jason Rauch, 33, Alabaster, DUI-influence of alcohol


May 7

-Janice Whaley, 29, Columbiana, alias warrant

-Katherine Williams, 36, Pelham, DUI-influence of alcohol


May 8

-Shun Bishop Jr., 20, Pelham, unlawful possession of marijuana I and possession of drug paraphernalia

-Zachary Brasher, 25, Chelsea, attempting to elude and leaving the scene

-Saul Chaidez, 20, Bessemer, DUI-influence of alcohol

-Jose Hernandez, 23, Montevallo, domestic violence III

-Justin Sloan, 21, Pelham, unlawful possession of marijuana I, possession drug paraphernalia and carrying pistol without license

-Christopher Smith, 20, Alabaster, unlawful possession of marijuana I and possession of drug paraphernalia

May 9

-Jennifer Brand, 42, Hoover, alias warrant

-Madison Castro-Belanger, 19, Huntsville, alias warrant

-Joel Flores Cabezudo, 36, Mobile, alias warrant

-Timothy Wilson, 52, Columbiana, alias warrant