Traveler thanks Alabaster cops for roadside help

Published 10:44 am Thursday, May 19, 2016

Two Alabaster police officers’ actions helping a traveling motorist have earned them praise from the motorist and from city leaders. (File)

Two Alabaster police officers’ actions helping a traveling motorist have earned them praise from the motorist and from city leaders. (File)

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – For Alabaster police officer Tim Turner and Cpl. Charles Brewer, spending time to help a motorist in need wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. But for the family they helped, it’s something they will never forget.

Mobile resident David Hudgens and his wife were traveling south on Interstate 65 through Shelby County on their way home on May 14 when they struck trash on the roadway between exits 242 and 238.

“We made it to the Alabaster exit before we could tell our tire was going flat,” Hudgens wrote in an email to Alabaster Police Chief Curtis Rigney, noting his truck was loaded down with furniture. “We pulled into a convenience store at the exit and proceeded to try to change the tire, which ultimately required unloading the truck.

“Officer Turner was in his car at the store. Several people descended on us offering to help, and to an extent did. Officer Turner stayed there to make sure they would not take advantage of us,” Hudgens wrote. “Before long, Corporal Brewer arrived and also stayed until we got our tire changed and were ready to be on our way.”

Hudgens said it was about 10 p.m. by the time he got his tire changed, and said Turner and Brewer encouraged them to stay with a family member in Birmingham rather than make the trek to Mobile the same night.

“Officer Turner and Corporal Brewer rightfully encouraged us to spend the night with (my family member) instead of continuing on to Mobile that night,” Hudgens wrote. “The way they did it demonstrated a real concern for our safety. While doing all of this, they were the most courteous and pleasant I can imagine anyone being. You should be extremely proud having them as employees.”

Rigney said the officers’ actions weren’t anything out of the ordinary for the department.

“That’s the job we do every day, and we don’t expect recognition for it. It’s part of the public service portion of the Alabaster Police Department. It’s not just about writing tickets and placing people in jail,” Rigney said. “I’m very proud of our officers and what they do.”

Alabaster City Manager George Henry also praised the officers’ actions.

“Examples like this are why I believe so strongly our APD regularly exhibit qualities of compassion, professionalism, courtesy and kindness,” Henry wrote in an email. “Thank you to the APD leadership and these outstanding officers for executing and reinforcing our city wide culture.”